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A message Bill Miller, ISPO Canada President!

Dear ISPO Canada Members,

Exciting times ahead! The World Congress is right around the corner and given ISPO Canada is a partner on the local organizing committee with Mexico and the US (sort of similar to the next men’s world cup of football!) we can assure you that the scientific program is compelling and full of titles of talks that sound informative and innovative. See for yourself here!

In this newsletter we provide updates about ISPO Internationals new website which features an updated membership portal and process, as well as housing the members only access to POI and the ISPOLearn tab which is the gateway to many of the organizations continuing professional development offerings. In addition, check out our interview with Western Universities, Dr. Courtney Frengopoulos and Megan Balsdon, who talk about their recently published research in the fields of prosthics and orthotics respectively. We also feature a discussion with long standing member Dawn Turner as well as student member, Marc Hervieux, and highlight some opportunities to participate in research. There is lots more so continue reading and to discover more about whats happening in the world of P&O and ISPO Canada!



President, ISPO Canada

Chers membres d'ISPO Canada,

Des moments passionnants à venir! Le Congrès mondial approche à grands pas et étant donné qu'ISPO Canada est partenaire du comité d'organisation local avec le Mexique et les États-Unis (un peu comme la prochaine Coupe du monde masculine de football!), nous pouvons vous assurer que le programme scientifique est convaincant et plein de titres de conférences qui semblent informatifs et innovants. Voyez par vous-même ici!

Dans cette bulletin, nous fournissons des mises à jour sur le nouveau site Web d'ISPO International, qui propose un portail et un processus d'adhésion mis à jour, ainsi que l'accès réservé aux membres à POI et à l'onglet ISPOLearn qui est la passerelle vers de nombreuses organisations offrant des offres de développement professionnel continu. De plus, consultez notre entrevue avec les universités occidentales, le Dr Courtney Frengopoulos et Megan Balsdon, qui parlent respectivement de leurs recherches récemment publiées dans les domaines des prothèses et des orthèses. Nous présentons également une discussion avec Dawn Turner, membre de longue date, ainsi qu'avec le membre étudiant, Marc Hervieux, et soulignons certaines opportunités de participer à la recherche. Il y a beaucoup plus, alors continuez à lire et découvrez ce qui se passe dans le monde de P&O et d'ISPO Canada!



Président, ISPO Canada

ISPO International Website is Live!

ISPO International has launched their new website! It features enhanced features like easy search navigation; easier and more transparent membership sign-up; several new educational initiatives. There are many resources and access to ISPO's journal, Prosthetics and Orthotics International (POI). We hope you like the new structure of the website! Click below to visit.

ISPO International

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Q2 Research & Education Spotlight: Prosthetics

In each newsletter we would like to highlight current research in the P&O field. As ISPO members, we support quality articles and research on the medical, clinical, rehabilitation, technical, educational and research aspects of prosthetics, orthotics and rehabilitation engineering.

In this issue, we interviewed Courtney Frengopoulos, MSc MD, University of Western Ontario, Department of Health Sciences

Article: Rehabilitation outcomes after major lower limb amputation in the oldest old: a systematic review

Key Takeaways

  • Paucity of research investigating rehab outcomes in the oldest old age group (aged 80+) so there is a need for more research to be done involving this age group so that practitioners can better serve this population
  • Some challenges associated with prosthetic rehabilitation in the oldest old including higher mortality rate and associated comorbidities
  • People in this age group can be successful prosthetic users, so age alone should not disqualify someone from having an assessment by an amputee rehabilitation program

This research team is currently working on a chart audit of older adults who have come through the prosthetic rehabilitation program at the McMaster University Amputee Rehab Group. They are examining
the demographics of this population to get a more complete picture of this age group within the
amputee population. The results of this research will provide researchers and healthcare practitioners with a better understanding of what the population looks like so that they can be better served.

 Click below to read more about the article and their upcoming research! 

Learn more here!

Q2 Research & Education Spotlight: Orthotics

In this issue, we interviewed Megan Balsdon, MSc., P.Eng., SoleScience Inc.

Article: Custom-made foot orthoses with and without heel plugs and their effect on plantar pressures during treadmill walking

Key Takeaways

  • Heel plugs in orthotics significantly decreased average plantar pressure, peak plantar pressure, and pressure contact area in the hindfoot compared to orthotics without heel plugs
  • The reduction in hindfoot pressure corresponded to an increase in midfoot pressure
  • Reduction in hindfoot pressure is critical in treating certain pathologies of the foot, such as plantar fasciitis

One of the conclusions of this study was that research needed to be conducted with participants with plantar heel pain, so the research team recently conducted a cross-over study with members of this
population. The results of this study are currently being written for publication and will be presented at the upcoming Pedorthic Association of Canada Symposium in April 2023.

They are also currently working on comparing different scanning methods for shape capturing feet and fabricating subsequent devices. Through this research, they hope to get a better understanding of the quality of the scans obtained through different methods and determine any adjustments that would need to be made to the scans to produce orthoses of similar quality to those fabricated from the scans generated in the clinic using laser scanners.

 Click below to read more about the article and their upcoming research! 

Learn more here!

Invitation to participate in research!

Accessibility for people with lower limb loss

ISPO Canada is proud to support the research project titled “Barriers and facilitators to community accessibility in people with lower limb loss”. The research team is recruiting people with lower limb loss to participate in an online survey. Their goal is to identify how the physical environment, both the natural and built environment, impact accessibility for people with lower limb loss.

The study involves the completion of an online survey. The survey should take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. You will participate anonymously. It can be completed anywhere you have access to the Internet. By completing the survey, you are consenting to participate in the study.

For more information about the research team, topic, inclusion criteria, and how to participate in the survey, click the link below!


Participate here!

Clinician perspectives on 3D-printed prosthetic sockets

Researchers from West Park Healthcare Centre and the University of Toronto are looking to interview clinicians with experience fitting and/or printing 3 or more 3D printed lower limb prosthetic sockets. Reach out via email to participate: 3dprintingresearch@westpark.org


For more information about the research team, topic, inclusion criteria, and how to participate in the interview, click here!




Participate here!

Clinician perspectives on 3D-printed prosthetic sockets

Researchers from West Park Healthcare Centre and the University of Toronto are looking to interview clinicians with experience fitting and/or printing 3 or more 3D printed lower limb prosthetic sockets. Reach out via email to participate: 3dprintingresearch@westpark.org

For more information about the research team, topic, inclusion criteria, and how to participate in the interview, click the link below!

Learn more here!

International ISPO Webinars

ISPO Mexico, along with US ISPO and ISPO Canada, is hosting a free monthly webinar series, leading up to the ISPO World Congress. To listen to some of the past webinars, click here! Please note that soon the webinars will be available to ISPO members only, so be sure to become a member to access these informative webinars.

The third ISPO 2023 International Webinar, on March 31, 2023, at 10:00 am Mexico City Time (12:00 p.m. EDT). The topic of the third Webinar is "How to implement an evidence-based intervention in rehabilitation care: an introduction to knowledge translation" presented by Diana Zidarov, PT, PhD.

Register here!

ISPO 19th World Congress!

The ISPO 19th World Congress, taking place from April 24-27 2023 in Guadalajara, Mexico, is being organized collaboratively by ISPO Mexico, U.S. ISPO and ISPO Canada. The event will offer attendees a high-quality scientific programme presented by renowned international speakers. At the same time, companies from all continents will present their latest products and innovations in the international exhibition.

The World Congress theme The Art and the Science brings together two important aspects of prosthetic, orthotic and mobility care. The Art can refer to elite craftsmanship and clinical experience that is applied when providing appropriate services for assistive technology consumers. Art can also relate to the personalisation and artistic aspects of device design that incorporates the user’s personality and feelings, moving an assistive device beyond just a piece of technology. The Science incorporates innovation, evidence, and knowledge translation across the spectrum of prosthetic, orthotic and mobility services to enable end-users to receive appropriate services at the right time, the right place, and the right cost.

Join colleagues from around the world working to provide high quality services to users of prosthetic, orthotic and mobility devices! 

Details of the keynote speakers are now available. Click here to learn about te speakers and the topics that will be dicussed! 

Register now!

Member profile highlight! 

In each newsletter we would like to highlight long standing ISPO members. In this edition, we would like to highlight Dawn Turner!

Meet Dawn and hear her ISPO memories!

Dawn is a Orthotist in Southwestern Ontario. She started her clinic over 35 years ago and have worked with patients of all ages. 13 years ago, a nurse from Jamaica wanted to start a free orthotics clinic for children on the island. Throughout the years, Dawn has volunteered her services and provided treatments for these children. The clinic has now over 400 children receiving care.  

Dawn recalls her experience with ISPO: "ISPO has provided people access to assistive devices and rehabilitation worldwide and provided many learning opportunities for individuals around the world with education. With this education there is the ability to provide positive patient outcomes globally. The POI journal, resources, education accreditation and continuing education programs and conferences are just a few examples how ISPO impacts rehabilitation and moving beyond the
concept of disability."

Dawn emphasizes how ISPO Canada has provided the opportunities to create networks and continually expand one's education and learning opportunities.

Outside of her professional life, Dawn enjoys spending time with her family outdoors. Activites she enjoys includes paddleboarding, cycling, walking with her golden retriever, baking, and quilting with her grandchildren. 

Her best advice to new graduates is: "You can positively influence and impact an individual’s life. When we work with our client, we have a unique trusting relationship and personal bond that will carry on throughout that individual’s life. There will be frustrating days as with all professions, however nothing can compare with the emotions when you get your client up walking for the first time.."

To read more about Dawn's story, click below! Her story is available in French as well!

More on Dawn!

Student member highlight!

Meet Marc Hervieux!

Marc is a current student in the Technical Prosthetic and Orthotic program at George Brown College in Toronto. In 2020, he received a Bachelor’s of Science with a focus in neurobiology from the University of Victoria. During his degree, he became fascinated with developments in neural interfaces for assisted devices, and after volunteering at a physical rehabilitation clinic he realized it was his calling to help others. Being quite new to the field of P&O, he hopes to combine his passion for the health sciences and innovative technologies with the skills he is currently learning as a means to push the field forward and to help improve the lives of others.

Voici Marc Hervieux !

Marc est actuellement étudiant en techniques de prothèse et d'orthèse au Collège George Brown à Toronto. En 2020, il a obtenu un baccalauréat en sciences avec spécialisation en neurobiologie de l'Université de Victoria. Au cours de ses études, il s'est passionné pour les développements en matière d'interfaces neuronales pour les appareils assistés et, après avoir fait du bénévolat dans une clinique de réadaptation physique, il a rendu compte que c'était sa vocation d'aider les autres. Étant relativement nouveau dans le domaine des P&O, il espère combiner sa passion pour les sciences de la santé et les technologies innovantes avec les compétences qu'il est en train d'acquérir pour faire avancer le domaine et contribuer à améliorer la vie d'autrui

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