Together, we can reopen safely. 

Nova Scotia is carefully reopening its economy. For the businesses and organizations that were ordered closed or reduced their operations due to the pandemic, that means getting back to work with a strong focus on COVID-19 prevention and safety. Those that remained open will likely need to adjust their COVID-19 safety protocols to accommodate a broader range of activities. For all of us, reopening safely will mean being aware, and diligently making the COVID-19 prevention protocols part of our daily lives.

While different sectors will have different safety needs, some protocols apply to all: maintaining a safe distance, washing hands and surfaces often, and wearing a mask.

These resources can help keep our new ways of working safely front and center for your workplace:

COVID-19 workplace safety resource hub 

Working safely during the COVID-19 pandemic is a challenge for workplaces across the province. Our resource hub at can help. It provides tools and resources that address the current challenges of working safely. In addition to sharing best-practice tips for each sector, the hub offers links to some great tools and information available through provincial, national and international workplace safety organizations.

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WCB Nova Scotia announces further support for employers

COVID-19 claims excluded from employer experience rating

Employers whose workers contract COVID-19 due to their work will not have the costs of those workplace injury insurance claims impact their industry rate or individual experience rating. This means that instead of an individual employer or industry having their rates affected by costs from claims related to COVID-19, they will be absorbed by the employer base as a whole. Learn more here

WCB premium deferral extended

Employers in Nova Scotia will be able to defer their WCB premiums for another three months, until October of 2020. This extends the initial three-month deferral that was announced in March, to help employers dealing with the financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out more about the premium deferral extension here.

Clearance letters now completely digital

We are no longer sending paper copies of clearance letters. As of June 15, clearance letters for the July-September quarter will be fully available online for the first time. That means you’ll need to register MyAccount to access your letter. You’ll also be able to:

  • Save, print, and share clearance letters for yourself and contractors.
  • Search for and check clearance status of contractors.
  • Manage contractor lists.
  • See expiry date directly on the clearance letter.

Read more about our digital clearance process here. If you need help accessing your clearance letter, support is available 24/7 at or call us at 1-800-870-3331.

Safety Matters Blog

Supporting psychologically healthy and safe workplaces 

While workplace mental health has emerged as a growing concern in recent years, the strain of the current pandemic and the recent tragic events across Nova Scotia that claimed the lives of several Nova Scotians have emphasized the need to cultivate and support psychologically healthy and safe workplaces in our province. Find resources and hear from mental health champions like Linda Corkum of the Nova Scotia Trucking Safety Association. 

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Managing COVID-19 risk at Nova Scotia Power

When the virus reached Nova Scotia, the team at Nove Scotia Power was ready and made changes to their industry-leading health and safety programs to keep their workers, contractors and customers safe during COVID-19, while continuing to provide electricity service across the province. 

“We are always focused on continuously improving our strong safety culture”, explains NSP Director-Safety Sean Brennan. “It’s something that everyone participates in, no matter where they work or what they do.”

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