Information & Resources for Lobbyist Registration in Ontario

Issue 6

August 2019


When selecting your lobbying targets, you have the option of selecting the individual offices of Members of Provincial Parliament by riding as well as the offices of ministers of Cabinet. This means that the same elected official can be selected in both categories.

So which one do you select?

If you are lobbying the office of an elected official about a matter under that person’s ministerial responsibilities, you should select their office under the “Ministers’ Offices” target list.

Example: if you are lobbying on renewable energy regulation with the Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks, you should select “Office of the Minister of the Environment Conservation and Parks”.

If you are lobbying the office of an elected official about an issue that is occurring in the person’s riding or is related to their role as an opposition critic, you should select their office under the “Members of Provincial Parliament - MPPs” target list.

Example: if you are lobbying about a solar powered building in the riding of Elgin—Middlesex—London, you should select “Office of the Member for Elgin—Middlesex—London”.

If you’re lobbying an elected official in their capacity as a minister and as an MPP, you should select their offices in both categories.

Don't forget! You may need to select from the "Ministries" list if you are lobbying public servants working in ministries (but not in a minister's office) or from the "Agencies" list if you are lobbying public servants or appointees at an agency. 

You can contact our office at or 416-327-4053 if you have any questions about lobbying targets.



So long, farewell...wait!! Are you still registered?

Leaving your firm, organization, corporation or partnership? While you're tidying off your desk and wrapping up your work, don't forget about your lobbying registration(s).

Here’s what you need to do before you leave:

Consultant Lobbyists

If you are leaving and no longer lobbying on behalf of a client (the contract or undertaking has been completed), you must advise the Lobbyists Registrar within 30 days. This is done by submitting a notice to terminate your registration(s).

Fun Fact: Leaving one firm and joining another or venturing out on your own as an independent consultant? You must terminate your existing registrations under the old firm’s name and create a new account profile and new registrations under the name of your new firm - this applies even if your clients are going with you.

Senior Officers

Senior officers, if you are leaving your organization, corporation or partnership, an application to change your name to that of the new senior officer must be submitted within 30 days. If your successor hasn’t been named, the interim senior officer or the next highest ranking, paid officer within the entity must be listed until a permanent senior officer has been appointed.

In-house Lobbyists

If you have stopped lobbying or will no longer be employed at your organization/corporation/partnership, your name must be removed from the "Current In-house Lobbyist" list and added to the "Former In-house Lobbyist" list on the registration within 30 days by submitting a change to the registration.

Fun Fact: After being listed as a former in-house lobbyist for one full six-month renewal period, the name of the former in-house lobbyist can be removed from the list.

Primary Contacts

If you manage a registration on behalf of a consultant lobbyist or an organization and you are leaving, you must update the 'primary contact' information on the registration by making changes to the consultant lobbyist’s or senior officer’s account profile.


Don't know how to terminate your registrations or your account? Forgot how to make a change to a registration?  Need to change your senior officer? 

We have tutorial videos on how to do those things...and more!




Compliance & Investigations

In 2018-2019, the Office of the Integrity Commissioner identified 383 instances of potential non-compliance with the Lobbyists Registration Act. That’s a 35% increase from the previous year.

The Office also opened 24 investigations and concluded 34 investigations.

Read our annual report for more information about our compliance work and summaries of investigations.

Annual Report



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