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OLBA Call to AGM





DATE: MARCH 30, 2021

Please accept this memorandum as official notification of the 2021 Ontario Lawn Bowls Association Annual General Meeting. This meeting will be held online on Saturday, May 1st at 10:00 am.

Information regarding the structure of the Annual General Meeting, including how to log on, can be found at:

At this link you will find the following:

• AGM Requirements including login information;

• OLBA Election Policy;

• Call for Candidates;

• Bay-law amendment;

• AGM Agenda;

• Proposed Minutes, 2020 Annual General Meeting; and,

• 2019-2020 Audited Financial Statements.

As this is your meeting, we look forward to meeting with you on May 1st. In the interim, however, it would be appreciated if you could inform your membership of the above-mentioned link.

As always, should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at:

Phillip Francis, President (

Ralph Ellis, Vice President (

Gary Oswald, Executive Director (



BCB interview with senior National Team squad member Kelly McKerihen


OLBA Championship Committee ANNOUNCEMENT

Several weeks ago, BCB cancelled the National Championships. As a result of that decision and after careful consideration, the OLBA, on the recommendation of the Championship Committee have decided to cancel the 2021 Provincial Championships, as well.

In an effort to fill the tournament void, the Championship Committee has proposed a possible late August solution – PROVIDED THAT THE HEALTH AUTHORITY OF ONTARIO ALLOWS US TO PROCEED SAFELY.

The OLBA is considering a provincial tournament. For this initiative to occur, all 16 Districts MUST be able to safely participate in this event.

We would be offering Men’s and Women’s Pairs, Singles and Youth. This event would take place during the week of Aug.21-29 and would run 3 days for Pairs, 3 days for Singles and 2 days for Youth.

A second event would be for Novices during the 2nd weekend in September as either Singles or Pairs.

The Championship Committee will meet in June to decide if we are able to proceed. Details will be finalized by July 1st.

This all depends on Health Authorities allowing us to compete safely. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME.

This is a tournament to help meet competitive needs due to

the pandemic disruptions.

Winners do not advance to 2022 Provincial Championships.

This tournament is open to OLBA Ontario resident bowlers only (no bowlers from out of Province).

b/Steve Schuknecht

Championship Chair


Board Elections 2021 – Call for Candidates


Elections are to be held this year for a number of Board positions, those positions are President, Treasurer, Secretary and four Directors for 2 year terms and due to Wayne Daley retirement as director we require a nomination for a 1 year term ending April 2022, which is an excellent opportunity for an introduction to OLBA governance. The same applies to the post of Secretary. Susan Newsham has retired from the post so a nomination is required for a 1 year term ending April 2022.


This is an opportunity for OLBA members interested in contributing to the future organization and management of lawn bowling in Ontario to stand for election.


You can find details of the responsibilities that Board members have on the OLBA website under Governance. (Note: only existing Directors who have served at least one year may stand for President)


The qualities required of candidates are on the application form which is available for download on the website.


If you wish to stand for election please complete the application form and send it to the Nomination Committee Chair, Bill Arthur ( The deadline for applications is April 17th.


For further information please contact me at the email address above or phone 289-829-0182.


Bill Arthur

Chair, Nomination Committee




The OLBA Board of Directors for 2021-22:

Phillip Francis (nomination for re-election accepted) President Term expires - April 2023

John Fantin (nomination for re-election accepted) Treasurer Term expires - April 2023

Nan M. Hendren (nomination for re-election accepted) Board of Director Term expires - April 2023

James Rimmer (nomination for re-election accepted) Board of Director Term expires - April 2023

Steve Schuknecht (nomination for re-election accepted) Board of Director Term expires - April 2023

Vacant Board of Director Term expires - April 2023

Vacant Board of Director Term expires - April 2022

Vacant Secretary Term expires - April 2022


Ralph Ellis Vice President Term expires - April 2022

Jason Currie Board of Director Term expires - April 2022

Charles Roach Board of Director Term expires - April 2022

Mary Lou Santos Richards Board of Director Term expires - April 2022





Get Your Shot and Stamp Out Covid-19

Let's Return to Bowls in 2021


Preston Lawn Bowling Club Pictures from Dave Allen

Since the demolition of Preston Springs in Preston, the Glick Block in Hespeler and Southworks in Galt citizens of Cambridge are lamenting the loss of historical sites and buildings.

I am pleased to announce that the Preston Lawn Bowling Club (established in 1915) sits proudly on Queenston Road and is preparing to offer lawn bowls as a sport for all ages and abilities in 2021.

Previous bowls clubs, notably the Galt LBC (Soper Park) and The Sportsman's Club LBC have folded and disappeared. A similar fate has befallen Ayr LBC and New Hamburg LBC in recent years.

Clubs and the sport must adapt to changing times. This is why Preston has remained a vibrant part of the city for over a century.



New Trillium Grants

If your club is incorporated, you can apply for two new Trillium Grants this year.

Your incorporation status must be in good standing and you need to provide a basic financial statement.

Odds are more difficult than New Horizons - 30% to 40% success rate - but higher dollar amounts up to $150,000 or $250,000 offset this.

The Operating Stream starts taking applications on March 31, 2021.

Register with them and start the process.



Canadian Bowler Video Podcasts in March


Looking for Help in Running Your Tournaments

Check out the OLBA Drawmaster's Handbook

Drawmaster's Handbook -2021.pdf - Google Drive



Biased Bowls Blog from Bowls Canada

See link here

The Biggest Opportunity of Your Club’s Life Is Looming… Are You Ready? - Biased Bowls

The Biggest Opportunity of Your Club’s Life Is Looming… Are You Ready?

Published by Casey Donnelly on

With the 2021 bowls season fast approaching, many clubs are worried about what this season will bring. Will we get our members back? Will we be able to have tournaments? Will we survive? The questions are unending, and at this point, there are few answers. One thing we do know is this: COVID will still be causing restrictions in most parts of Canada. We may not know to what extent, but it is safe to say that we won’t be “back to normal” by June.

What does this mean for your club? It means this is very likely the best opportunity your club has had in its existence to attract new participants. After a dull, dreary, locked-down winter, almost every Canadian is itching to get outside, see their friends, DO something – anything – besides being cooped up in their house. Yet with COVID still here, there are likely going to be numerous restrictions still in place: maximum capacity at restaurants and shopping malls, limiting events to just your family or small bubble, no large-scale events like concerts or festivals, the list goes on and on. So with restrictions in place, and yet almost every Canadian itching for something different to do, where will they turn?

Last summer proved that lawn bowls can happen during a pandemic. Sure, the restrictions differed across the country, and if you looked in on the types and frequency of play at every club last year they would vary greatly. But one thing they all had in common was that bowls was played, played safely, and offered participants an escape from lockdowns and isolation.

Last summer Canadians tried new activities like never before. People swung golf clubs for the first time in 2020 and now golf courses are selling out at record speeds. People who had never pitched a tent before discovered camping last summer, and now many parks are already sold out for the season … It’s only March!

Those who plan on hiking this summer will come across thousands of other people with the same idea, making their favourite hiking trail now shoulder-to-shoulder with a new influx of people.

Cue lawn bowls! By following the proper protocols, we had zero confirmed cases of COVID linked to bowls clubs last year. This could be a very compelling selling point to Canadians this summer – you can come try our sport, and do so safely. How many people this upcoming summer will be typing into Google: “What can I do in my area?” or “COVID-friendly activities I can do this summer” or maybe even “Date night ideas during COVID”. There are going to be hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions if you’re in a big city, looking for activities to do this summer.

How will you spread the news about your club to prospective new members? Bowls Canada is developing a new campaign called “Belonging in Bowls” to help attract new and diverse participants to the sport of bowls. Look for more information this spring at Have you checked out the Membership Engagement tutorials on the Bowls Canada YouTube channel? You can find information on how to use Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to help promote your club or learn how to use Canva to design posters and other graphics.

This could very well be the BEST opportunity your club has ever had to get new people through your doors. Will our sport be making headlines next year as the go-to activity of Summer 2021? We certainly hope so!


Your Questions on Covid-19 and Bowls Answered

On March 9th, Bowls Canada hosted a webinar with sport lawyer, Steve Indig, from Sport Law & Strategy Group to address clubs’ most pressing questions related to COVID, vaccines, waivers, and more. If you missed it, you can view the recording here:

Registration (



Early Season Greens Care

Usually at this time of the year we are getting our greens ready for a busy season. However, with COVID-19 upon us, your lawn bowling clubs will not be opening on time.

As greens keepers, our problem is that the greens will still need the early-season care.

Many of our clubs have volunteers to look after our greens. In some cases, the city or county is looking after the greens and in the current situation they may not have staff to help you. This will also be the case if you don’t have the equipment to look after your greens as our cities and counties will have other priorities. There are some suggestions for these clubs below.

Here are my suggestions if you have volunteers

  • Early April (weather permitting and as soon as the greens are dry and firm enough)
  • Mow: At ¼ inch in height or .210 on the metric gauge
  • Verticut: give it a good verticutting clean up the thatch
  • Fertilize: Apply the day before the weather forecaster call for rain. Use high nitrogen (18-8-18)
  • Overseed bare or thin patches now
  • Don’t mow your greens for four or five days, and then mow on a regular schedule to maintain ¼ inch height until the club reopens.
  • Fertilize and Verticut once a month if possible and keep watering as needed. Our clubs will open again your greens will be ready to roll

If you rely on city or county employees for your greens, try the following:

  • See if the city or county will let you borrow their equipment or try to borrow some from a nearby club
  • Involve your District Chairman to see what they can come up with
  • Look for volunteers to step up (Don’t worry we will guide you)

Please don’t let your greens go to seed and weed. It will take a long time to bring them back to bowling condition.

Remember your OLBA greens committee is here to help you so don’t worry and call us if you need help. This is your committee. We will update you as things occur.

Charles Roach. Ted Pickles Jan Bauer, Larry McLellan and David Jeffery

If you need any help send me an email or call and we will help you .

Good luck, good health, stay safe

Your Greens Chair Charles Roach


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