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Gilbert is pleased to present you our first Newsletter of the Year 2021. We would like to share with you our most recent accomplishments. We hope you enjoy the read.

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--------------- WHAT'S NEW

2021 Start Off to a Great Year

Over the Christmas period, and early New Year, Gilbert’s Service Team has been really active helping our costumers on several Gilbert Planer start-ups !

From North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana and all to way to Oregon, we've had very successful start-ups and more to come ! 


--------------- WORLDWIDE NEWS

New Gilbert Planers sold around the world!

Over the past years, Gilbert’s Sales team, along with important Sale Agents, have succeeded in representing its planer equipment over the world. Gilbert is proud to have great ambassadors in many different countries.

Four big projects have recently been finalized in the last couple of weeks!

  •  Pata Saldus in Latvia - Gilbert S Series 500 mpm Plus Planer and Splitting Module
  •  Sodra Varo in Sweden – second Gilbert High Speed 1200 mpm Planer and Splitting Module
  •  HS Timber in Belarus – Gilbert 6 Roll Planer 850mpm and Splitting Module. 
  •  Amata in Brazil - Gilbert S Series Plus Planer

Gilbert is extremely grateful to work on these new projects and look forward to high performing operations.

Thank you for your trust !



Gilbert's 8 Roll Planer increasing productivity at Red Stag Timber in New Zealand 

Andrew James, Technical Co-ordinator at Red Stag Timber explained how their 8 Roll Planer is a game changer for them.

3 aspects standed out :

  • Pull-Though Technology helps to reduce breakage and improve recovery and throughput.
  • Safety is a Priority in the mill. The Automatic Positioning System allows a hands free operation letting the operators to keep a safe distance.
  • Service was rated highly by Andrew as Gilbert did not hesitate to develop new features to suit their specific needs.

Read the complete article to find out all he had to say, and what led Red Stag to a second Gilbert Planer project for their moulding operation.


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--------------- FEATURED UPGRADES

Silo Reclaimers

The Gilbert Silo Reclaimer improves your silo systems. It is the most robust and reliable system for sawmill or biomass operations. Maximal silo volume is cleared and ready to receive a constant supply of residue.


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