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29 août 2022



Cette semaine, la veille recense plusieurs sujets d'intérêt dont:



Pratiques industrielles et artistiques

L’anglais dans la chanson francophone : qu’est-ce qui s’y cache ?

Dans ce contexte de modernisation du cadre politique, juridique et social de la culture au Québec, l’enjeu linguistique dans la musique populaire semble devoir être clarifié. À cette fin, il serait bon de comprendre ce que cache cet engouement des artistes pour le mélange des langues. Est-ce un choix de nature artistique ? Le reflet d’un phénomène d’acculturation ? Ou alors le résultat d’une stratégie commerciale ?

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What's the fairest way to pay artists for streaming music?

The question of how to optimally distribute the share of users’ subscription money allocated to the artists on streaming platforms is a problem that caught the eyes of Saša Pekeč, professor of decision sciences at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

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Consommation médiatique et de biens culturels

Ofcom explores music's streaming and short-video evolution

One key finding: live radio’s share of audio listening time has shrunk from 75% in 2017 to 63% in 2022, while music streaming services’ share has grown from 8% to 20% over that period. Avoid too many overconfident predictions about the death of radio – nine in ten British adults still listen to live radio each week – but streaming’s impact is clear.

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Chart: New Music Plays Second Fiddle to Catalog Titles

Catalog music, per definition any song older than 18 months, does play a major role in today’s music landscape. The constant availability of practically any song ever written has not only changed the way people listen to music, but it has also created a market for the back catalogs and master recordings of past greats, which are changing hands for hundreds of millions of dollars in some cases.

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The US music publishing industry generated $4.7bn last year – but the record industry grew twice as fast

That figure, revealed by NMPA boss David Israelite at the trade org’s annual meeting in New York in June, was up by just under $700 million versus the equivalent number from 2020 ($4.08bn).
It was also more than double the size of the annual revenues of music publishers in the States as recently as 2014 ($2.15bn), according to previously announced NMPA data.

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Chart: From Tape to Tidal: 4 Decades of U.S. Music Sales

Interestingly, the streaming revolution hasn’t been the first complete shift in music consumption over the past 40 years. As the following chart, based on historical RIAA figures, shows, vinyl records, cassettes, CDs and downloads have all been the predominant form of music consumption at some point in the past four decades, with the compact disc’s reign particularly long and lucrative for the music industry. Inflation-adjusted music revenue peaked in 1999 at $23.7 billion at a time when the CD was also in its prime.

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Actualités techno

Amazon App Launches 'Inspire' Livestream Shopping

Amazon may soon introduce a TikTok-style feed of products on its app, tentatively called “Inspire.” If the feature is ever released and Amazon’s livestream-shopping feature is able to recruit influential talent, the company may have the ingredients to create… well, the TikTok of retail. We can already hear advertisers lining up.

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Oracle va se charger de la surveillance des algorithmes de TikTok aux États-Unis

Les analyses d’Oracle se sont focalisées sur deux aspects essentiels de l’application chinoise : le fonctionnement de son algorithme de recommandation des contenus et les pratiques de modération mise en place par ByteDance pour supprimer certaines vidéos.

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