April 15th 2021




Extending the expiration of certifications


With the rapid evolution of the pandemic, we have to make new decisions in relation to the expiration of our certifications. In fact, as you probably all know, we have implemented hybrid training to allow us to extend the expiration of our first aid certificates while keeping the holders' skills up to date. The training is now separated into two parts, one online and one in person to validate skills. This training is for recertification only (you must hold a SIRIUSMEDx certification that is about to expire).


Extended certifications expire on November 30, 2021

**Completion of the online hybrid training course is required to obtain the extension**


By completing the in-person component, you will have a certification valid for three years, as usual.

In the current context, we are following the constant evolution of the pandemic and for the moment the majority of our in-person trainings are taking place normally with reinforced prevention measures, all in accordance with public health guidelines.

Thank you for your cooperation.

On behalf of the SIRIUSMEDx team,

Maurice Dubé

Director of Training

P: 514-509-2112
E: info@siriusmed.com
W: www.siriusmedx.com