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Pratiques industrielles et artistiques

Music streaming 'dominated by top artists'

According to the report, “Music Creators’ Earnings in the Digital Era”, an estimated one million UK streams a month is the rough threshold for earning a sustainable living from music; about 720 UK artists may have achieved this level of earnings in 2020.

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Now is the most challenging time of the entire pandemic for musicians

At the same time, after 18 months of the pandemic, any financial reserves are exhausted, unemployment and other government support have run out, and the mental strain of 18 months of lockdown, fear, and “not knowing” have taken their toll.

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Consommation médiatique et de biens culturels

What's behind the magic of live music?

The short answer is that music does far more than communicate. When witnessed in person, with other people, it can create powerful physical and emotional bonds. - Mariusz Kozak, Associate Professor of Music and Music Theory, Columbia University

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Rapport 2021 de l’IFPI sur la consommation de musique dans le monde

L’écoute de musique continue de progresser dans le monde 18,4 heures par semaine, soit l’équivalent de 368 morceaux de trois minutes.
De multiples modes de consommation s’offrent au public, l’innovation développée par les labels alimentant la vitalité et la diversité de la musique
Les usages illicites de musique restent un préjudice pour les créateurs et ne cessent d’évoluer.

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Quelques articles au sujet du rapport de l'IFPI

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Politiques publiques

UK competition regulator announces market study into music streaming

The UK’s competition regulator, the Competition & Markets Authority, has this morning announced that it plans to launch a market study into music streaming.
Such an investigation was one of the big asks of the Musicians’ Union and Ivors Academy during the inquiry into the economics of streaming undertaken by the UK Parliament’s culture select committee.

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Nouvelle transposition de dispositions européennes relatives au droit d’auteur et aux droits voisins

Sont particulièrement visés les droits et les obligations des fournisseurs de services de partage de contenus en ligne et, bien au-delà de ce seul usage, des questions relatives à la rémunération des titulaires de droits. Diverses dispositions complémentaires, parcellaires et dispersées, sont ainsi introduites dans le code de la propriété intellectuelle (CPI).

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Shopify s'allie à Spotify pour aider les musiciens à vendre des marchandises

La société établie à Ottawa a conclu un accord avec le principal service de diffusion de musique par abonnement qui rendra ses activités de vente au détail en ligne accessible sur les pages d’artistes de Spotify, aux côtés de leurs dernières chansons.

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One in three music industry jobs were lost during pandemic

The research said there were 69,000 fewer jobs in music in 2020 than in 2019 - a drop of 35% - due to the "devastating impact" of coronavirus.
UK Music said the industry had been hit "especially hard" by the virus.
Musicians themselves as well as people working in venues and recording studios were particularly affected, it said.

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Actualités techno

6 of the most innovative digital music platforms you might not have heard of… from around the world

The top tier services all offer arguably similar user interfaces, catalogs, and subscription fees, but because music listeners’ tastes and requirements don’t necessarily conform to the parameters on offer by the biggest platforms, niche services are proliferating as a result.

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Roblox Partners With EDC Las Vegas to Launch Metaverse Music Festival

About one month back, Roblox launched listening parties, dubbing the happenings “a new way to release music.” Now, the popular platform has inked an official partnership agreement with Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), which is set to become “the first music festival to be held on Roblox.”

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Countdown to ecstasy: how music is being used in healing psychedelic trips

A lucrative new market is emerging for music designed for therapeutic trips using ketamine, psilocybin, MDMA and other psychotropic drugs. And from AI-driven apps to underground DJ mixes, the musical expression is as diverse and subjective as a psychedelic experience itself.

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Protein, Molecules And Music

Music is not a mere linear sequence of notes. Our minds perceive pieces of music on a level far higher than that. We chunk notes into phrases, phrases into melodies, melodies into movements, and movements into full pieces. Similarly, proteins only make sense when they act as chunked units. Although a primary structure carries all the information for the tertiary structure to be created, it still ‘feels’ like less, for its potential is only realized when the tertiary structure is actually physically created.

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