Join the Change Day Virtual Celebration!

We’ve received more than 3,500 pledges from people all across BC who want to improve health care somehow. And now the big day has come: Change Day is taking place tomorrow!

We invite you to attend the virtual celebration tomorrow, from 0900-1230! Watch an amazing line-up of Canadian and international speakers, such as Jim Easton, Managing Director of Health Care at Care UK, and Helen Bevan, Chief Transformation Officer with NHS England’s Horizons Team, and get inspired to make change happen in health care! Helen helped launch the first Change Day in England in 2013, and along with Jim, is a global leader when it comes to improvement initiatives in health care.

The Change Day BC team will also be showcasing some “pledges in action” and hearing from a patient, a provider, and others who have been leading this work, such as our patient partner Sheryl Harry; Kerry Campbell from BC Emergency Health Services; and ShelleyLynn Gardner of Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Check out the agenda to see the full schedule, and join us tomorrow to celebrate!

This is Your Last Chance to Make a Pledge

This is your last chance to make a pledge before Change Day! Don’t miss the chance to join the movement to drive change and improvement in the health system.

How's Your Pledge Going? Share!

If you made a pledge for Change Day, get in touch with the Change Day BC team and tell them how it went! They’re curious to know if you did anything special for Change Day, or how it went if you put your pledge in action. Let them know via email or Twitter.

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