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Annonces importantes

Politique réglementaire de radiodiffusion CRTC 2022-47

À la suite de son examen du dossier complet de la présente instance, le Conseil approuve le lancement du sondage annuel sur les médias numériques, qui sera mené auprès de toutes les entreprises de radiodiffusion de médias numériques qui exercent leurs activités en tout ou en partie au Canada et qui respectent les seuils établis à la présente politique réglementaire. Les réponses au sondage pour l’année de radiodiffusion 2020-2021 doivent être déposées au plus tard le 30 juin 2022

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Pratiques industrielles et artistiques

Global Tours Were Key for Orchestras. Then the Pandemic Hit

And the ongoing financial turmoil of the pandemic, which devastated cultural institutions, has raised fresh questions about the value of touring, at a time when many groups are grappling with tepid ticket sales at home and an uncertain budgetary outlook.

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A Decade Under Spotify's Streaming Influence

Through its first few years of operations in the U.S., Spotify both restructured and rattled the music industry. It also came to define what it means to experience and share music in the 21st century.

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Consommation médiatique et de biens culturels

Podcast "Super Listeners" soak up 11.2 hours/week, via YouTube & Spotify more than Apple

To set the stage, all respondents in this survey listen to podcasts at least five hours a week. that criterion is lowball, it turns out, as the average listening time is 11.2 hours a week. That number rose from 2020 (10.5 hours) and 2019 (9.8 hours).

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Amazon overtakes Pandora for second in music streaming

Amazon Music is poised to surpass Pandora as the second most popular music app by total listeners, according to new data released by Insider Intelligence.
Nearly 53 million people will listen to Amazon Music at least once a month in 2022, compared with 49 million to Pandora.

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Politiques publiques

Art created by AI cannot be copyrighted, says US officials – what does this mean for music?

The US Copyright Office (USCO) recently rejected an attempt to copyright artwork made by an artificial intelligence, ruling that the work “lacked the required human authorship”. But, while this time it was a piece of visual art being judged, could the same rulings apply to music in the future?

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BlackRock teams with Warner to launch new $750m music-buying fund via Influence Media

Across its global portfolio, BlackRock currently has over $10 trillion (with a ‘t’) of assets under management.

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Spotify wants to beat YouTube at audio

Spotify announced yesterday its acquisition of Podsights and Chartable, two companies known for tracking pixels that allow marketers, advertisers, and podcasters to measure the success of their shows. This is a big deal, to state the obvious, if for no other reason than if podcasters have avoided Spotify’s podcast world up until now, well, they’re probably going to have to start engaging. Both these platforms are critical to the space to show advertisers that their marketing is being heard and acted upon and that podcast ads are effective and worthy of a budget.

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Actualités techno

How Platform Recommenders Work.

A recommender system (or simply ‘recommender’) is an algorithm that takes a large set of items and determines which of those to display to a user — think the Facebook News Feed, the Twitter timeline, Google News, or the YouTube homepage. Recommenders are necessary tools to help navigate the sheer volume of content produced each day, but their scale and rapid development can cause unintended consequences.

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Stingray Partners with TikTok to bring TikTok Radio to Millions of Households Across Canada, U.S.

TikTok Radio, the highly anticipated audio music channel launches on Stingray Music in millions of households across the United States today, and in Canada tomorrow, on TV, web, and mobile. Listeners will enjoy hearing music the TikTok community loves, including viral hits, throwbacks, and songs from the next generation of rising stars.

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