School of Kinesiology

Holiday Reminder

This is just a reminder that Remberance Day is next Wednesday, November 11th.

Our offices will be closed and there will be no classes.

Canada's first 24-Hour Movement Guidelines

The first 24-Hours Movement Guidelines for adults ages 18-64 years and 65 years or older has been released!

Click here to learn more.

Physical Activty as a Coping Strategy for Mental Health Due to COVID-19

Faculty member Dr. Guy Faulkner and colleagues look into social disruption caused by COVID-19 and its resulting effects on mental health.

Click here to read the full article.

Nutrition Tips from the School of Kinesiology

With the days getting colder and dark faster, we may not be seeing as much sunlight as before.

Click here to learn great resources of vitamin D, calcium, and the various effects it has on our health!

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