E-Bulletin | October 2020

National Collaborating Centre
for Healthy Public Policy (NCCHPP)

In the Spotlight

New Free Online Course: An Introduction to Public Health Ethics! 

The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that public health professionals and decision makers are often called upon to address complex ethical issues that affect the well-being of others. This is true during times of crisis, but is also true in everyday public health activities.

The NCCHPP is offering a free online course to support skill development in public health ethics. This course will help you to develop your skills in perceiving and addressing ethical issues that might arise in public health practice! Click here to register.

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Resources on Covid-19 and Ethics

Public Health Ethics and COVID-19: Selected Resources 

The NCCHPP has collected relevant resources that discuss ethical issues linked to COVID-19. Each resource is presented with a brief synthesis of what you will find in the document.

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Public Health Ethics and Covid-19: Selected Websites 

In addition to the articles listed above, we have prepared a list of websites with multiple resources that address various ethical issues relevant to Covid-19 and ethics.

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Publication - An Ethics Framework for Analyzing Paternalism in Public Health Policies and Interventions

This document, based on a longer briefing note, is intended to help public health actors to conduct an ethical analysis of policies that are said to be paternalistic.

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Other News of Interest

Covid-19 Canadian Social Impacts Survey & Interviews: What are your Covid-19 Social Priorities? Request for Questions

The CEMPPR Lab (Collaboration on Emergency Management, Policy, and Preparedness Research) is a research group within York University's Disaster and Emergency Management Program. They are in the midst of running a national, representative, longitudinal study on the social dimensions of Covid-19 in Canada. An initial round of data was collected in March and April and they will be administering another round of the survey in the late fall. The initial survey questions were developed based on input from federal, provincial, and local agencies, and the raw data and summaries will be made publicly available.

Their priority is to collect data on the social impacts, attitudes, and issues that will support evidence-informed decision-making. If you have questions you are interested in asking on this survey (whether exact questions, general priority areas, or anything in between), please contact Dr. Eric Kennedy (ebk@yorku.ca) to discuss your needs and opportunities for them to help collect the information that aligns with your priority challenges.

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Recorded webinar of the 2020 Knowledge Translation Student Awards winners

The National Collaborating Centres for Public Health (NCCPH) recognized three students with the 2020 Knowledge Translation Student Awards.

Get a first-hand look at their work in bridging the gap between research and practice by facilitating and developing tools for knowledge translation. Congratulations to Maureen Gustafson (University of Toronto), Henry Lai (University of British Columbia) and Courtney Primeau (University of Guelph) on their outstanding projects!

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