April 12th, 2021


Theme - Dragons
Little dragon lovers will be all over this theme’s arts & crafts projects, unique decoration ideas, games, challenges, and learning fun!

Educatall Club
Explore the magical world of dragons with our modeling dough activity placemats, word flashcards, activity sheets, and many games!


Giant sunglasses
Be prepared for the sunny days of spring with this simple project!

Original manipulations for color and letter exploration
Unique ideas to explore arts & crafts materials and make learning fun!

Paper sandcastles
Create unique castles for the theme’s dragons!

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Stick and remove
Work on fine motor, language, and social skills with our sticky ideas.

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Cushions and pillows
Use home décor basics to foster creativity, physical activity, and more!

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Part liquid, part solid
The perfect experiment for exploring opposites

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Water on a tightrope
Grab a piece of string and play with science!

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Crocodile bars
These can easily be turned into dragon bars for this theme!

Giant sidewalk chalks
Use empty toilet paper rolls to create your own colorful outdoor fun essentials!

Paper maché
The perfect base for unique dragon crafts.

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10 things to do with empty cereal boxes

Keep them out of the recycling bin and create games, crafts, and projects instead!

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How to improvise activities using an object

Learn how simple everyday items can inspire loads of fun!

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Scissors in your reading corner

Use scissors to make paper puppets and bring storybooks to life!

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