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From the final issue of News and Views:

Ken Simpsons comments on 2017 and 2018

Notes From Your Directors:

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World Indoor Championships

Erik Galipeau and his partner/coach John Bezear traveled to Potter's Resort for the World Indoor Championships along with Gary Pickering who competed in the Men's singles event.

World Indoor Championships

Our Bowling Aces

In April 2018, Canada will be sending 10 of our best Bowlers to Australia to participate in the Commonwealth Games. Ralph Ellis asked several of our champions to answer a few questions and we will publish their answers over the next few issues. This issue we highlight Kelly McKerihen.

Kelly McKerihen

  • 2017 - Australia Indoor Championships, runner-up
  • 2017 - Multi-Nations, Fours Bronze Medalist
  • 2016 - World Championships, Singles Bronze Medalist
  • 9- Time Canadian Champion


The Interview



Fairmont LBC closes its Doors

Fairmont Lawn Bowling Club played on to the bitter end but finally closed its doors this past December. 

Fairmont Lawn Bowling Club

Winter Bowling

-  Indoors and out of the cold

Richmond Green Indoor LBC


Short Mat Bowlers Off to Sweden

The Canadian Short Mat Bowling Championships were recently held under the auspices of the CSMBA. Last Month we reported on two bowlers from Kingston who played and got an invite to Swden for the Worlds. This month we highlight Bowlers from Coburg.

Short Mat


Member News and Notes 

News and notes for births deaths or achievments

News and Notes


Letters to the Editor



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Maclean's Ales
Men's Three-Day @
Hanover Lawn Bowling Club





President's Notes

2017 our first year under new bylaws

Working with our new bylaws was both a delight and a challenge. The member clubs have elected a great group of volunteer directors who worked hard to make 2017 a success.

The primary goal set by our member clubs was to balance our books and get championships into a self financing position. OLBA achieved both of these goals in 2017.

Your board also undertook to improve transparency and engage regional membership. Our new website and instituting the District Chairs Council has been very well received by member clubs.

There may be some readers wondering what is a District Chairs Council and why do we have it and how does it work in our governance.

Just Click here for more details

Change is normally embraced when it involves someone else changing however in this day and age an organization to thrive must embrace change. Not all new initiatives will work out and we will need to be prepared to give new ideas a chance and tweak them as necessary.

New For 2018

In 2018 championships will be revamped to embrace changes at the National level and try for the first time an open entry format in fours which has been put forward by many championship bowlers.

In 2018 we will expand the all important novice championships to include a singles event " Champion of Champions Novice Singles " Check the website for more information on this exciting new Novice Event.

The count down has begun to the Spring General Meeting. We have less than 100 days until the OLBA spring general meeting in Oakville April 20, 21 and the kick off of the 2018 outdoor bowling season.

The board of directors have voted to put a motion before the member Clubs at the spring General meeting to eliminate the Fall General meeting in favour of haveing just one General Meeting in the spring.

This proposed change would save money and improve governance and has been unanimously endorsed by the District Chairs Council.


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Erik Galipeau

World Indoor Championships

The Just 2018 World Indoor Bowls Championships were held from January 12 to January 28 at Potter's Resort in Norfolk England. Ontarios Erik Galipeau along with his patner/coach John Bezear arrived a week before the tournament began. They had an amazing weekand met some of the top 16 bowlers in the world including David Goulay, the National Coach for Team Scotland; Robert Paxton, last years men's singles finalist in this event and American bowls superstar Neil Furman.

On January 11, the team began play in the preliminary round and took on teams from Australia the USA and Hong Kong to earn the opportunity to play on the world famous Potters portable rink and secure a spot in the main draw of the World Pairs Indoor Championship. The team split their games with both the USA and Hong Kong but lost both rounds to the Ausies who eventually moved on to the Quarter Finals of the main event.

Gary Pickering from the Niagara area also played in the Championships at Potter’s. Gary began play in the preliminary round of the men’s singles but also did not advance out of the preliminaries.


Kelly McKerihen

Fun Facts

(from BCB)

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

Thai Food

How would your best friend describe you in three words?

Friendly, Competitive, Determined

Who is your facourite athlete

Roger Federer

What is your favourite bowls memory?

I’d have to say that one of my favourite bowls memories is walking out as team Canada, with all the other Canadian Athletes at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. Walking out wearing the maple leaf, into a packed Celtic Park Stadium was an incredibly proud moment and a surreal feeling!

How were you introduced to the sport of bowls?

Bowls has always been a very big part of my life. I started playing bowls after many years of watching my dad and grandparents playing together.

What motivates you to succeed?

The quest to continually improve, become the best player I can be and ultimately win a World Championship or Commonwealth Games Gold medal

Our Interview

Q: You and Ryan Bester are the only Canadian Bowlers who could be described as close to professional lawn bowlers. How does being able to tailor your schedule to suit lawn bowling make you more effective as a player?

Kelly: Yes, living in Australia means I’m able to play a lot, but I’m far from a professional making a living playing bowls. I, like most of us, have a full-time job, working 4-6 days a week. But I have to say, having a supportive employer, in the bowls industry, does makes it easier to tailor my workload with my bowls schedule. This and the combination of being able to play on good greens 12 months a year, against good competition, along with having a more flexible schedule to play and practice as much as I can, have all factored into me becoming a better player. Playing more often and at a higher level, I feel that I’ve become more consistent and confident in the full range of shots, from the draw to the yard on as well as my drive.

Q: The first time I met you, we travelled together to Kingston for the provincial singles. The difference between the Kelly that I knew then and the Kelly that I see on the greens now is that in pressure situations, you tend to take over the game. How have you developed your mental toughness over the years and what mental preparation routines do you follow?

Kelly: Over the years and with the experiences I’ve gained, I think I’ve matured as a player. With that comes developing my mental toughness. It’s still something that I’m continually working on but improving my mental game has definitely helped with my results on the green.

Q: I know that you manage a bowls shop, The Resting Toucher (in Melbourne). How do split your time between work, training and competitive play?

Kelly: I’m very lucky to have found a job in the bowls industry. They are extremely understanding and flexible in providing me the necessary time off for bowls. With that being said, it’s still a juggling act to find the proper balance between work, training, competitions as well as being able to spend time with friends. My regular week has me practicing 2-3 times and 3-4 times a week I’m in competition play. Our bowls season is quite a long one, so I do also like to take a bit of a break from it in July to come back fresh in August.

Q: There is a nice picture of you and Ali Forsyth, the New Zealand World Fours champion, on your Facebook page. How did the two of you get together?

Kelly: Ali and I first met at the World Championships in Christchurch in 2008. The Canadian team and the New Zealand team were both staying at the same accommodation for the duration of the event, so we became really good friends. Over the years, we kept in touch and in 2012 decided to give our relationship a go, as we had 3 competitions that year where we could make extended visits on either end of the competition. We did 3 years of long distance before deciding I’d move to Melbourne in 2015 after the Asia Pacifics.

Q: Managing a bowls shop lets you experience a wide variety of the bowls products on the market. What bowls do you prefer now and why?

Kelly: There are many bowls on the market at the moment in Australia, all of which are quite a different trajectory from the models sold in Canada. Here in Australia I’d recommend a good all-round bowl: good on a variety of surfaces such as carpet, grass and synthetic & on a variety of speeds (12 seconds-18 seconds). Something like the Taylor SR or Dreamline XG would be what I’d recommend. In Canada, I’d recommend a model like the Taylor Ace.

Q: Are you currently sponsored by a bowls manufacturer?

Kelly: Yes. I am currently a proud member of team Taylor.

Q: You come from a long line of bowlers. Your great grandfather is on the wall at the James Gardens club. Your grandfather Dill won an Ontario fours with your father Steve. Steve, of course, has won more Canadian fours championships than anyone. What have you learned from Steve that has helped you develop as a player?

Kelly: I owe most of what I know about this great game to my dad and my family. Growing up in a bowling family, we spent most of our summers either on the green practicing or watching each other in districts/provincials/nationals or other tournaments. Some of my earliest memories are watching Dad and Grandpa play together, keeping my own scorecard to make sure what’s on the scoreboard matches my homemade card on the sideline. Dad helped me so much along the way. Bringing me to tournaments and spending the time with me in our practice sessions (especially when I first started). He’s taught me a lot about the technical side of the game, as well as the strategic side, but he’s taught me much more about being dedicated & persistent, setting and reaching my goals and being the ultimate team person. Without a doubt, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now without him.

Q: What do you feel are your greatest strengths as a player?

Kelly: My greatest strengths as a player would have to include: my competitive nature, my ability to make the big shot at the right time and a wealth of experience and knowledge to my team.

Q: What do you prefer to play – singles or the team game?

Kelly: If you had asked me this question a few years back, I would have probably said the singles game. But the singles game can be a lonely one. It’s great when things are going well, but can be a more difficult game when you’re not achieving. Don’t get me wrong, I love the pressure of playing singles and am very proud of the success I’ve had playing singles but the more experience I get playing in the team game, the more I enjoy it. Nothings better than winning as a team and doing something special together as a group. One of my more special moments internationally, was winning the bronze medal in last year’s fours at the Multinations, as it was such a collective team effort to get the win and it was awesome to share the excitement of winning with the team.

Q: How does playing the re-spot rule change your strategy in both singles and the team game?

Kelly: The re-spot rule does affect how the game gets played strategically and it does take the excitement of the killed end away. Some of my most memorable matches were games that had many dead ends that had to get replayed. With that being said, the re-spot is a part of the game and we have to learn how to adapt to the rule. Whether it’s playing singles or in a team game, the re-spot rule forces you to protect the 2 metre mark and strategically play more position bowls then if you had dead ends.

Q: In Australia, do you have a favourite bowls partner or team?

Kelly: I have to say, that I love playing Pennant here in Melbourne. Playing at the Clayton Bowls Club with my fellow Cobras is always so much fun!

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Fairmont LBC Closes Its Doors

Submitted by Sandy RonsonSecretary, Fairmont Lawn Bowling Club

The bowling season at Fairmont Lawn Bowling Club was extended to December 11, 2017.

We learned in the fall that the Ontario Government had put the property up for sale that we have leased since approximately 1915 and our lease would expire on December 31st.

Fairmont has a long history of tournaments: Club, District, Provincial, and Canadian as well as a long run for WOBA which was enjoyed by bowlers from across Canada and some from US and other countries.

Our club president Brian Garrett wanted to be able to use the facility as long as possible and was instrumental in organizing the extension of the bowling season. Brian and his committee worked to close the facility in a timely manner and ensuring that all conditions were met.

Brian decided that the weather was wonderful this fall and scheduled bowling on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. We bowled most of those days during October and November as well as 2 days in December finishing on December 11 and had an average of 10 members attending from our club and some guests from other clubs. Surprisingly the greens were great with good draws on both hands and good speed. 

Some of us really are a bit crazy, right? However, it was surprising how well we did considering our bowls were covered with snow, and a bit hard to hold onto. It was great fun, and Katherine got to bowl for her birthday.


Update from Richmond Green Indoor LBC

Submitted by Rick Mitchell, President of RGILBC

Your home for winter lawn bowling continues to expand, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have room for you. The Richmond Green Indoor Lawn Bowling Club (RGILBC) hit 143 members so far this year. Collectively, our members represent 27 different summer clubs, stretching from Lindsay to Niagara Falls. But as we begin the second half of our winter season (which runs from October to April), we are still welcoming new members seeking to improve their skills and stay limber and sharpen your skills for the upcoming summer season.

The RGILBC hosts a variety of activities, including our Saturday Tournaments and weekday jitneys. We are also planning a Youth-focused outreach Initiative and organizing new coaching and training camps within the club to make our club a centre of excellence. Located in Richmond Hill, we have one of the finest full-sized (25,000 sq. ft., 11 lane) indoor lawn bowling facilities in Ontario. Our building is completely accessible with lockers, a lunch room, washrooms and free parking. To learn more, visit our website:


Shortmat Bowlers Heading to Sweden


An article recently appead in the Northumberland News about coburg players heading to Sweden for the World short mat Championships

Heres the link to that story



Maclean's Ales
Men's Three-Day tournament
Hanover Lawn Bowling Club

Aug 24th,25th,26th 2018
Fours,Pairs,Trebles & Singles
Welcome Reception Aug.23rd 4-7
$25.00 per person , per event
Lunch Included

Early registration is requested


Liz Guertjens: 519-799-5355,


Joyce Ruddell : 519-364-3170,

Anyone wishing a refund must cancel before Aug.1st 2018

Lan Bowls  Give it a try!

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Member News and Notes 

News and notes for births deaths or achievments




It is with great sadness that we pass on to you that Isabelle Humphries (member of Willowdale LBC) passed away on December 19th.



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