February 18th, 2019

Theme - Snow festival
Enjoy our many winter-themed kiosks that are easy to set up and sure to please!

Educatall Club
Our invitations, kiosk posters, new song, decorations, and snowman game will help you celebrate winter!

Paper Snow Globes
Get creative on a cold day with this easy project!

Interesting drawing practice
Kick-start children’s drawing abilities with this basic activity.

My snow plow
Make this three-dimensional craft before the snow melts!

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Interesting activities for the last weeks of winter.

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Teddy bears are the stars of this adorable theme!

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Hot water, cold water
Discover if one is heavier than the other…

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The rocket
Build and launch a rocket to explore science!

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Snow dough
Refrigerate this dough and use it to represent snowflakes!

Fun pretzels
The prefect festival-themed treat!

Homemade sealer (Mod Podge)
Ideal for turning projects into keepsakes.

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Different ways to use LEGO blocks

Untraditional ways to explore these popular toys!

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Rolling pins

A simple game that fosters gentle movements.

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Storm day

Stuck indoors? We’ve got you covered!

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