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Annonces importantes

Plan de relance économique du milieu culturel - Un investissement supplémentaire de près de 60 M$ pour le milieu culturel

La ministre de la Culture et des Communications annonce une somme additionnelle de 58,5 M$ pour assurer une relance forte et pérenne du milieu de la culture, dans le cadre du Plan de relance économique du milieu culturel.
Cet investissement vise à soutenir directement les artistes, artisans, producteurs et diffuseurs québécois alors que le milieu culturel a connu des difficultés importantes, notamment en raison des récentes fermetures.

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Pratiques industrielles et artistiques

SoundCloud’s annual revenues topped $218m in 2020 – and it’s been making bold moves ever since

SoundCloud‘s last 12 months have been nothing short of transformative.
In March 2021, the company launched its pioneering “fan-powered royalties” (FPR) – a spin on user-centric streaming payments.
Around 100,000 independent artists, who upload their music direct to SoundCloud, were welcomed into the FPR program, in a move that sent ripples across the global music business.

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‘Don’t take the damn thing’: how Spotify playlists push dangerous anti-vaccine tunes

Tracks found on the world’s largest music streaming service explicitly encourage people not to get vaccinated and say those who do are “slaves”, “sheep”, and victims of Satan. Others call for an uprising, urging listeners to “fight for your life”.

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Consommation médiatique et de biens culturels

Moteur de découvertes, TikTok redessine le paysage musical

Dénicheuse de talents bruts et moteur infini de tendances, l'application au milliard d'utilisateurs et utilisatrices TikTok transforme l'industrie de la musique en profondeur, obligeant les artistes et les maisons de disques à composer avec ses ambitions.

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What Catalog's Dominance Means for the Future of the Music Business

Naturally, this phenomenon requires some reflection and explanation. Can it, at least partially, be explained by our listening habits during the COVID-19 lockdowns and a desire for audio that provides a semblance of comfort? Equally, it’s certainly true that many big name acts have held back new material during the pandemic to ensure it will ultimately benefit from fitting promotion. Might this situation be pinned on The Song Economy and the constant regurgitation of old hits on social media? It also seems apparent that streaming services like Spotify have cemented a greater focus on individual songs rather than artists.

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YouTube is making close to $100m from advertising revenues every day

According to stats published by the video platform’s (and Google‘s) parent company Alphabet last week, YouTube made $8.63 billion from advertising in Q4 2021 (ended December).
That figure was up 25% compared to Q4 2020, when the platform generated revenues of $6.89 billion from ads. Interestingly, it was also a comfortably bigger quarterly revenue figure than that achieved by Netflix in the same period ($7.71 billion).

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Covid-19 : la fréquentation dans les salles de cinéma et de spectacle toujours en baisse par rapport à l’avant-crise

La fréquentation dans les salles de cinéma et de spectacle vivant en ce début d’année 2022 montre une baisse d’environ 25 % par rapport à la même période avant la crise sanitaire liée au Covid-19. Ce chiffre varie entre 20 et 25 % selon les salles, par rapport à la même époque 2019, précise-t-on au ministère.

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Actualités techno

Ticketmaster partners with Snapchat to match users with live events

Snapchat users in over 20 countries – including Australia – can now discover when their favourite acts are coming into town.
They can see if their friends are also going, make plans to meet up via Snapchat Camera and buy tickets after being directed to
A new partnership with Ticketmaster allows Snapchatters to use Ticketmatcher Mini to have shows recommended based on their music tastes and city.

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Streaming and NFT platform Myx aims to shake up music distribution with blockchain technology

Myx is currently available in soft launch phase. As well as offering distribution ownership and revenues, artists can create NFTs for tracks, or break down vocals, instrumentals and beats as their own NFTs.

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