VOLUME 1 No. 13 |  JUNE 7, 2024

The 2023-2028 collective agreement has been signed!

The renewal of your collective agreement has just been completed. After over a year and a half of tough negotiations, supported by your historic mobilization, the 2023-2028 collective agreement has been signed and will come into force on June 16, 2024.

The intensive work of recent weeks between your bargaining team and the employer led to an agreement on terms of implementation that reflect what we gained in the tentative deal. The employer’s initial proposal included a number of problematic elements for which we had to request corrections. It required patience to ensure your collective agreement would be applied correctly and to your advantage, so that we can defend your rights in coming years.

Wage increases and improved working and practice conditions will take effect quickly, while the payment of retroactive amounts will be staggered over a few months.

The following table presents the timeframe for these payments.

As part of our efforts, we obtained the reimbursement of dues for professional orders for the year 2024-2025 for eligible members, which was no easy task.

We won’t back down!

This agreement is the result of the efforts of over 65,000 people who took on the government to demand better working conditions and greater recognition of their expertise.

We are proud to reach the end of this renewal cycle, during which we obtained significant improvements to your working conditions that we hope will help reestablish the value of jobs in the public system, fight work overload and encourage access to quality services for Quebecers.

The work doesn`t stop here. We will keep using every means available to improve your working and practice conditions, in order to make the public health and social services system a place where it feels good to work.

Stay tuned: the collective agreement document and a pamphlet that outlines what’s new will be available in the coming days. Meanwhile, our salary projection tool (in French) will help you visualize the pay increases and premiums that apply to your job title for each year of the 2023-2028 collective agreement. Please write if you would like more details.

In solidarity,

Your bargaining team

Your bargaining team