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Dear Friends,

If the world's overwhelming turmoil is getting to you this month, perhaps it is worth remembering we are not the first generation to feel confused and lost – and admitting our confusion is itself a kind of clarity. So said a great Russian writer over a century ago, anyways:

"It is time for writers to admit that nothing in this world makes sense. Only fools and charlatans think they know and understand everything. The stupider they are, the wider they conceive their horizons to be. And if an artist decides to declare that he understands nothing of what he see—this in itself constitutes a considerable clarity in the realm of thought, and great step forward." (Anton Chekhov)

Amidst all the saber rattling, pleas for missiles, and calls to pump more oil, we invite you listen to and connect with Friends from Kyiv, Ukraine and Moscow, Russia. They share news, opportunities to worship together across distance, and ways to help those on the ground on their pages:

If you missed it, CFSC has also put out wise and thought-provoking statements on Ukraine, with links and further resources worth digging into:


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Seeking fun & nourishing content

Hey, did you know that not only can you submit items to this newsletter, but you can submit content that ISN'T profoundly serious or about CYM business? That's right, if you come across some entertaining and inspiring Quaker content that other Friends might enjoy, please let us know!

For example, Jessica Kellgren-Fozard is a British youtuber who occasionally addresses her Quaker faith in her generally fun and informative videos, which also address topics like queer history and living with a disability.

Here's her whole Quakerism 101 playlist.
She's also madea video about historic Quakers like "Martin Luther King's Gay Best Friend, Bayard Rustin" and "Non-Binary and Religious: The Public Universal Friend."

If you really just want to have fun, though, "Pirates are gay and the best one was a woman" is probably what you want.

Youtube screenshot of a redhead, Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, surrounded by little messages representing assumptions people make about her Quaker faith

Registration for Camp NeeKauNis and  90th Anniversary Weekend & Reunion

Registration for Camp NeeKauNis's 2022 Season is now open! To see the programs on offer and register visit:

Register and submit your deposit before May 1st to receive a 10% discount on your fees!

*Note we are preparing with hope for the summer but of course everything is dependent on the evolving COVID-19 pandemic.*

Also, please hold the date and start collecting your memories for the Camp NeeKauNis 90th Anniversary Weekend and Reunion on July 29 to August 1, 2022.

People of many ages are playing games in a grassy field

Preparation for another online Yearly Meeting in Session...

We are looking forward to this summer’s online CYM in Session gathering and hope you're saving some time to join from August 7-13.

As plans develop, they are being posted to the Yearly Meeting in Session page:

We are excited to announce that the the pre-CYM retreat will be titled "Supporting One Another in Faithfulness." It will run on Friday, August 5 and Saturday, August 6. This online retreat will explore practices to pay closer attention to the truth in our hearts and the subtle movements of the Spirit. It will be led by Marcelle Martin, who served for years as a Quaker studies teacher and spiritual nurturer at Pendle Hill.

We now have titles and summaries for the Sunderland P. Gardner Lecture and Bible Study. The SPG lecture by JoLee Sasakamoose will be titled" Guided by Ancestors: Integrating Ojibwe teachings with Quaker Testimony for social action."


Meanwhile, the Bible Study by Colin Saxton will be on "The Transforming Power of Mercy." The study will will look at examples of mercy found in the bible, as a reminder of its potential place in repairing and mending God’s good world and our own lives.


For full descriptions of these sessions and all the presenters, again, go to the Yearly Meeting in Session page:


There's also opportunities to get involved...

A group of people are lying on the ground in two parallel rows, holding their hands up so they can pass a child along their hands. Some tell-tale Quaker tie-dye, long skirts, and big hats can be spotted.

Seeking Special Interest Groups & volunteers for the children's program

Each year, Friends volunteer to host different Special Interest Groups. (For Friends new to Canadian Quaker gatherings, these are usually workshops or discussion groups on topics of shared interest, although creative formats are welcome).

A reminder to Friends that proposals for Special Interest Groups (SIG) should be seasoned within their local meeting and supported by a minute. Friends for whom this is a difficulty are asked to connect with program committee (via well in advance.

CYM in session children and youth programming will also be happening online again in 2022.

These programs are contingent on adequate support from the body of CYM, and we're currently looking for volunteers! Friends can find more details and a list of roles needed for youth ministry here.

A few words from some of last year's volunteers:

  • "I'm excited to be participating in the children's program again this year! If you've ever wondered why there aren't more children around CYM, well here is your chance to put thy money where thy mouth resides :)”
    – Stephen Ginley, Peterborough MM
  • “I had a wonderful time leading an art activity with the kids at CYM 2021. Hearing the children's ministry through art was a truly enriching experience for me- I'd encourage anyone to volunteer their time if able!”
    Ada Bierling, Toronto MM

Please consider being a volunteer in 2022 to make our community welcoming to young families.

Contact program committee (via to express your interest.

Two kids (probably between 5-10), both with short lightish brown hair, one wearing a navy shirt and one wearing a green shirt, participate in some sort of game or craft. The kid in the foreground seems to be exclaiming excitedly..

The Canadian Friend is back

After many delays, the newest issue of The Canadian Friend is now finished. As the lucky recipients of this newsletter, you get the earliest look at the new issue. Print subscribers should start receiving it in the mail in the next couple of weeks, while e-subscribers will get a various PDF versions – and the SPG pamphlet – in the next few days.

If you want to subscribe, you can, and if you're interested in contributing articles, photos, art, and suggestions and submissions for “Meet a Friend” (an interview of a Quaker) or “Gleanings & Quotations” (funny, interesting, or inspiring quotes), please email

The cover of the spring 2022 issue of The Canadian Friend features a painting called "Dharma Pentecost" by Steve Fick,

Reminder: Nominations season is here

Look, CYM Nominations season is here and you probably haven't served on every single committee yet. (Or maybe you haven't been on any Quaker committees yet, in which case it's definitely worth finding out more!)

Each year Canadian Yearly Meeting names people from across the country to serve on standing committees and in individual positions in the Yearly Meeting. We ask these people to carry out, on our behalf, the work of our Yearly Meeting, and to provide support to those Friends working in social justice, ecumenism, and wider world issues.

Here's the current list of vacancies – err, opportunities:  Archives Committee, Canadian Friends Service Committee, Camp NeeKauNis, Representative Meeting Recording Clerk, Contributions Committee, Discipline Review Committee, Education & Outreach Committee, Epistle Summarizing, Nominating Committee, Personnel Committee, Program Committee, Publications & Communications Committee, Ministy & Counsel, Privacy Officer, and representatives to the  Canadian Council of Churches, Friends General Conference, and  KAIROS.

For more information, visit the nominations page on (you'll have to log in) or download the nominations package directly. This year there's an online nomination form available, too!

Timelines vary by Monthly Meeting, but in general names are discerned by March or April to meet Nominating Committee's May 6th deadline.


Learn more

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Publications & Communications Committee is always looking for help keeping the many nooks and crannies of up to date, as well as generally having high quality content.

If you want to help with this or, say, are at least partially responsible from some content on because of work you do for CYM, there is now a helpful guide for this:

As always, to request a change to a page on or ask for a post, email To reach Publications & Communications Committee, who oversee the website and web editor’s work, email

CYM Contributions Corner

Did you know that CYM serves as a communication hub dispersing information from the national level to all Monthly Meetings and from individual Monthly Meetings to other Monthly Meetings? We depend on donations from Monthly Meetings and individual Friends to do this work. Please consider donating, if you believe in what we do and want to further the work and witness of Quakers in Canada.


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