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Provincial Championships - The Winners

FOURS, SINGLES and PAIRS have been played. 

The Winners

Terrific Self Coaching Video

Make sure your Novices get to see this!


Ryan Bester triumphs in

Australian Open

Bester Wins

Umpires Corner

Do ou know how to avoid this situation?

Do you know the rules?

courtesy of Bowls US Newsletter

Umpires Corner


News From the Districts and Clubs:

Wells Hill LBC established in 1929, is undergoing a major renovation along with its neighbour the Wychwood Library. The new clubhouse will be incorporated into the lower level of the library addition.  we will follow the transformation in the months to come.

Read the article here Wells Hill LBC

Stratford's new green comes together:

Burlington LBC is coming up Roses wth a lttle help from Mary Ann Cook!


Marie Mills is Owen Sound's Senior of the year.

reported by Owen sound Sun Times

Marie Mills

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From Your Directors:


2019 National Championships

The Nationals will be hosted by Ontario in 2019 and we are looking for clubs that are interested in hosting them. Here is a great opportunity for your club to:

  • earn extra revenue
  • get terrific exposure, and
  • grow your membership!

Take a look at the information below and contact eith Tom ( or Ralph ( to learn more.


Provinvial Championships




Jurgen Fessler, Gary Pickering, Michael Spadafora, Mike Wagner


Wayne Wright, Don Caswell, Jim Roth, Ryan Stadnyk


David Steffen, Glen Patton, Robert Steffen, Archie Marshall




Helen Wright, Nanci Myers, Nicole Chamois, Joyce Kruss


Mary Lou Richards, Cathy Larking, Lori Brendel, Lan Tran


Laila Hassan, Chrystal Shephard, Gloria Cheung, Helena Ho


Gold: Robert Steffen
Silver: David Houtby
Bronze: Gary Butineau
Fourth: Everett Zwiers

Gold: Cindy Higgins
Silver: Trisha Bucknall
Bronze: Cathy Larking
Fourth: Rosalie Parsons-Brown


Gold: Wayne Holly and Gord Smith (Collingwood)
Silver: Rick Wood and Murray Benneweis (Seaforth)
Bronze: Harry Hainey and Tom Trattner (Cosburn Park)

Gold: Sue Roth and Laurie Roth (Woodstock)
Silver: Agnes Bajkai and Nicole LeBlanc (Heritage)
Bronze: Katie Schuknecht and Sandy Weatherall (Chesley)


Mary Ann's Tulips and Roses win Awards

Among the long list of amazing volunteers at the Burlington Lawn Bowling Club is MARY ANN COOK, Director of Landscaping.   Our ‘flower child’ has outdone herself this month.  First, crawling around in a city park compost heap on Maple Avenue to scrounge free tulip bulbs.   Then with the help of three volunteers planting several dozen tulips around the gardens.  Now that work on the backboards in the south green, she has started to re-seed the grass.  Mary Ann will continue to over seed thru into July to ensure the grass is thick enough to walk on.  The flowers are all planted, and she has enlisted some members to help with the watering of our beautiful gardens.

But you haven’t heard the best part (although the part about crawling around in the compost heap was pretty cool) . . .    Mary Ann won three First prizes and One Third prize in the Horticulture Society’s competition for her roses.   Two of those prizes were for roses planted in our Club garden.  (see picture below) 




Another member and amazing club volunteer, Joanne Connell had an invite to the Royal Botanical Gardens opening day for the new Rose Garden and invited Mary Ann to go along with her.  There was a draw for a free new edition rose called the Canadian Shield and Joanne won one.    YEAH!  She has kindly donated it to the club and Mary Ann is now busy finding a special place for it in our garden.  DOUBLE YEAH!

Growing Your Club

Marketing Membership and Grants!

We are here to help!



Umpires Corner

courtesy of bowls US Newsletter

We’ve all done it. We’re standing in the head, take a step back, and, oops, we move a bowl. It’s almost intuitive what to do: we lean over and put the bowl back where it was. Usually, it’s no big deal. In fact, seldom does the other team, the non-offending team that has the right to set the bowl back to its former position, say anything more than “Oh. Just put it back where it was” or “That’s close enough” and the end continues.

The above situation is very simple: it involves a bowl at rest, its displacement by a player, and its return to its former position. It’s quite straightforward and easy to resolve.

Change the word “bowl” to “jack” -- uh-oh, now the offending player’s eyes are wide open in disbelief, perhaps somewhat unsure about what to do, and the non-offending team’s senses shift into high gear.

In the two examples above, the return of the bowl or jack to its former position is typically done without either team calling for an umpire. The players might not consult the Laws of the Sport of Bowls, either, because they know what to do. And if we’re in the first few bowls of an end, the players are more relaxed; if we’re in the last couple of bowls of an end, things do tighten up a bit.

So let’s up the ante. The next-to-last bowl is delivered, comes to rest holding shot, and at that moment a player, excited about their team now being the holder of shot, does a little jig and displaces two bowls and the jack, changing who has shot and … and … and … “UMPIRE!”

All three scenarios are the same: a player displaces a bowl and/or jack at rest. It’s the anxiety level that’s different. But the circumstances, and here’s the hard part for some players to accept, and the remedy are the same.

Section 2.3 - Bowl and Jack Displacement (see page 31). Law 37 deals with bowl displacement and Law 38 with the jack. For those without a rulebook handy, the pertinent laws say:

37 Bowl displacement

 37.1 Bowl displacement by another player

  37.1.4 Displacement of a bowl at rest If a bowl at rest or a toucher in the ditch is displaced by a player and it has not disturbed the head after it is displaced, the opposing skip must put the bowl back to its former position. If a bowl at rest or a toucher in the ditch is displaced by a plyer and it has disturbed the head after it is displaced, the opposing skip must put the bowl back to its former position and replace any part of the head disturbed after the displacement.

38. Jack displacement

 38.1 Jack displacement by another player

  38.1.3 Displacement of a jack at rest If a jace at rest within the rink of play is displace by a player,the opposing skip or opponent in Singles must put the jack back to its former position.

Note: the option of declaring a dead end is not available when a bowl or a jack at rest is displaced by a player. Read the above-quoted laws again. There is no option for declaring a dead end. It’s black and white. There’s no ambiguity. And it’s probably the worst thing that could ever happen during a game where the stakes are high, it’s a tight match, you’re in the last end and the unthinkable happens -- you or your teammate turns a winning shot into a nightmare scenario by moving a bowl and/or bowls and the jack, leaving your opponent in the driver’s seat. All you can do is watch them as they return the bowl and/or jack to its former position, which they must do.

But wait, the offending team was holding shot when the displacement occurred. So once the head is restored all will be right with the world -- or will it? That will depend on how the non-offending team replaces the head. The bowl is in their court, so to speak. And, let’s face it, it is a very tough position for either team to find themselves in.

This is a good segue to rink possession. If you’re the team whose bowl just came in for shot and is at rest, where are you supposed to be? If you’re playing by the rules, once that bowl came to rest, you relinquished possession of the head to your opponent. So how did your little jig displace the bowls and the jack?

Lan Bowls  Give it a try!





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