Update July 24, 2019

Dear Residence of Bluewater and King Edward Bay:

On Friday of last week a significant watermain leak was found on Windjammer Road near Spy Glass Road. An emergency repair has stopped the leak, however staff are evaluating the need for additional work at this location to proactively prevent another leak from developing. Until that is complete, the road will remain with its temporary patch.

This appears to be a significant breakthrough in addressing the supply issues. Both the KEB and BW reservoirs have recovered nicely and appear stable at this time. This does not mean that all has been solved, but repairing this one leak is a big step forward.

We are conducting tests on the Bluewater wells this week to confirm their performance and to assess the state of the aquifer. This requires the Bluewater wells to be off-line which means they are not able to put water into the system. Until the tests are complete at the end of this week, water supply is dependent on the KEB system alone. We are expected to be back to normal operation at the end of the week.

We are optimistic that no more water will need to be transferred in from the Cove Bay system, and we are also optimistic that water restrictions can be relaxed next week.

As previously communicated, staff are preparing for a comprehensive report to Council on July 29. We also appreciate the many questions residents of KEB and BW have and therefore we are also strategizing for staff to facilitate a community meeting in August.