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We hope you had a rejuvenating holiday break and are ready to dive into the new term. As we kick off, here are a few important points to ensure a smooth start:


  1. Allocation of Hours: Your supervisor should provide you with a task description for the term, ensuring a clear understanding of your responsibilities.  Be sure to meet with them before to get a clear understanding of the form.
  2. Counting Your Hours: Track your hours diligently to maximize your experience. Every contribution counts! Remember to flag the Allocation of Hours form, Workload Review form, and check out our sample timesheet.  Find these documents here.
  3. TA Training: If it's your first contract, ensure you complete your mandatory training. Don't forget, your training sessions count towards your hours, so make sure to track the hours spent completing the training. You can use our hours tracking spreadsheet.

Here's to a productive and impactful term ahead!

Help shape the direction of our union by sharing your thoughts on what our next mandate should be

On the topic of staying informed, your input is invaluable in steering CUPE 2626 in a direction that aligns with your priorities. As a democratic organization, your thoughts directly influence our executive decisions, making your participation essential. Share your preferences on the types of events you'd like to see more of, communication preferences, and feedback on past events.

By participating in our quick survey for the 2024-2025 Executive Board mandate, you actively contribute to maintaining a democratic and member-driven union.


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New Year, New Opportunities to Get Involved!


Steward Recruitment: Ever considered becoming a steward? It's a fantastic way to play a key role in our union. For more details on what it entails, check out the CUPE Handbook. If you have questions or want to express your interest, reach out to:

BSC/Action Team: Be part of the change! Join our BSC or Action Team and contribute to shaping our initiatives. For more information, contact


Update Your Contact Info: Ensure you're in the loop by updating your contact information. We have important updates to share, and we want to make sure you don't miss a thing.


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Join our upcoming campaign: submit your story

Be a vital part of our impactful digital campaign, where we aim to illuminate the financial challenges graduate students like you face daily. Your unique experiences matter – whether shared through video, photo, interview, voiceover, or anonymously, they contribute to a powerful collective voice for change. 

From the personal impact of budget cuts on well-being to how resource cuts affect both personal and professional life, your stories will be featured on our social media platforms, creating a resonant narrative for a wider audience. By humanizing financial challenges and administrative issues, we strive to apply pressure on the university for change.

Your participation is not just a contribution; it's an essential spark that ignites conversations, demanding a better future.  

Learn more about how to get involved here.

Updated Winter 2024 Office and Zoom Hours

Reminder that our office is open every Tuesday through Thursday from 10 AM to        4 PM.

For detailed Winter 2024 hours, including Zoom availability, check the full schedule here.

Outside of these hours, we're here for you. Contact us Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, by phone or email for questions, concerns, or queries:

(613) 562-5345 or info@2626.ca



Mark your calendars for our upcoming Coffee with CUPE session:

January 16th, 1-3pm in the Morisset building

We can't wait to see you again and continue our conversations!


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Connect & Chat with our Bargain Support Committee

Join us for a casual get-together with members of our Bargain Support Committee on January 23rd in the DMS lobby from 12 PM to 2 PM. Enjoy pizza, drinks, and snacks while getting to know the dedicated individuals supporting our bargaining efforts. It's a fantastic opportunity to connect, ask questions, and share thoughts.

Don't miss out—see you there!

Upcoming SASCO Workshop


Join us for a crucial workshop on combating gender-based violence in collaboration with the Sexual Assault Support Center of Ottawa (SASCO). Taking place on February 6th, 2024, from 12 PM to 1:30 PM, this event will be both in person and accessible over Zoom. Mark your calendars for February 6th, 2024, and stay tuned for more details!

SASCO is committed to supporting all women survivors, fostering inclusivity among diverse groups, including persons with disabilities, Indigenous people, immigrants and refugees, racialized persons, individuals from various socioeconomic backgrounds, and those with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, and expressions. Their mission is rooted in anti-oppressive values, striving to create a safe space for survivors of all intersections.


CUPE National Executive Board Meeting Highlights

Curious about the latest from our National Executive Board meeting in December?

Check out the key highlights and updates that shape our union's path forward. From crucial discussions on the economy to insights on the cost of living, get the scoop on the decisions that matter most.  

ACORN Members Unite for Housing Solutions

Over 110 ACORN members from across Ontario gathered to discuss real solutions to the housing crisis. This meeting preceded an invite-only session announced by the Ministry of Housing to engage municipal partners and key stakeholders, with one crucial voice missing—TENANTS. It's evident from our discussions that tenants' perspectives differ significantly from corporate developers influencing Doug Ford.

Explore all of ACORN's demands on their site and join us in taking action and urging Ford to support Full Rent Control, LTB Reform, Stop Renovictions, and more!

Act Now: Petition Canada to Halt Arms Trade with Israel

The Israel-Palestine conflict has resulted in a staggering loss of nearly 30,000 lives in Gaza, with a significant majority being women and children. Concurrently, Canada's arms trade with Israel hit an alarming high in 2022, surpassing $20 million.

Implore Canada to:

  1. Enforce a two-way arms embargo with Israel.
  2. Investigate the use of Canadian weapons in the conflict.
  3. Review military cooperation.
  4. Close loopholes permitting unregulated military goods transfers.

Sign e-petition 4745 here.

Affordable Housing Victory Amidst Budget Challenges

Exciting news: Horizon Ottawa secures $30 million for affordable housing in the 2024 city budget. Yet, challenges persist as austerity measures threaten critical services like public transit.

Joined by Ottawa ACORN, Horizon Ottawa rallied for a $40 million housing budget, gaining a $6.2 million boost. Coordinator Sam Hersh sees progress but urges ongoing increases.

Discover the full story in the detailed press release here. Your support matters as we navigate budget complexities together.

Learn more about Horizon Ottawa's initatives and get involved today!

Defending Freedom of Expression: Horizon Ottawa Opposes Bylaw Fines for Protesters

As we approach the 13th weekend of protests against mounting hostilities in Israel and Gaza, Horizon Ottawa strongly opposes the City of Ottawa's Bylaw fines on protesters using speakers or megaphones.

Since December 23rd, 2023, fines of $490 have been imposed, hindering freedom of expression and infringing on our Charter right. This sets a dangerous precedent affecting democratic, union, and civil rights for all Ottawa protesters.

Horizon Ottawa calls for active leadership from local representatives to protect protesters' rights and encourages residents to urge city officials to support measures for a peaceful resolution in Gaza, Israel, and the West Bank.

Read more about it here.

Join the Green Movement: Advocate with Ecology Ottawa

Seize the opportunity to champion a greener Ottawa with Ecology Ottawa, a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to making our city the green capital of Canada. Residents, like you, care about climate change, pollution, and sustainable communities. Ecology Ottawa engages thousands yearly, monitoring local environmental concerns, advocating for responsible actions at City Council, and collaborating with diverse partners.

Add your name to their multiple petitions and learn more about the important work they do on their website.


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