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Are Artists Removing Music From Streaming For the Best Reasons?

Two things can be true at once: artists have the prerogative to do what they want with their music, but those decisions may deprive their fans. And acts with questionable motives risk confusing and annoying the consumers who helped them gain their power in the first place. Is DSP divestment a win for artists, or just wins for individual artists?

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Pourquoi Tik Tok pourrait devenir un géant de l'industrie musicale?

TikTok se positionne comme un acteur de l’industrie musicale. La plateforme virale aux 1 milliard d’utilisateurs actifs par mois propose désormais aux jeunes artistes un outil de promotion et de distribution : SoundOn.

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The Algorithmic Push Toward the Past

Streaming is indeed going up, just like you thought. But the streaming of new music is going down. So far down that in 2021 only three of every ten streamed songs were new releases.
If streaming is replacing radio, it’s oldies stations up and down the dial.

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Why We Listen to Music With Lyrics We Don’t Understand

Sound symbolism refers to the study of the relationships between utterances and their meaning. This doesn’t have to do only with music. Marketers, for example, can tune into sound symbolism as part of their strategy in coming up with appealing brand names. In music as well as in branding, Decenteceo explained, there’s something about the appeal of words as sounds, beyond their meaning in a language.

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The cultural sector needs support in order to benefit from a digital remake - Ricard Gil, Queen's University

The pandemic has exposed the structural fragility of the businesses and people foundational to supporting the cultural and creative sectors.
For the most part, these are small businesses, non-profit organizations like art centres, fairs, festivals, museums or theaters and independent artists and creative professionals like writers, painters or musicians — many who are operating just above survival level.

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US senators want justice department review of competition in the American ticketing market

Two US senators have called on the country’s Department Of Justice to investigate the ticketing market and whether there are any competition issues with the way the American ticketing business is currently structured. Which is basically code for “is Live Nation’s Ticketmaster too damn dominant?”

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Marché 2021 de la musique enregistrée : une croissance soutenue

Avec 861M€ de chiffre d’affaires, le marché français de la musique enregistrée affiche une progression de 14,3%. C’est une 5ème année consécutive de hausse, avec en 2021 un résultat largement positif qui confirme la dynamique de croissance enregistrée depuis 2017.

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Spotify is paying $310m to Barcelona for a sponsorship. According to our calculations, that’s more than it’s ever paid an artist in royalties.

According to sources, Spotify ended up agreeing to pay USD $310 million for the four-year Barcelona deal, slightly lower than the $320 million that was previously mooted.
When we saw that $310 million figure doing the rounds this morning, MBW thought to itself: ‘Hmmm. We wonder how many streams on Spotify one artist would need to rack up in order to earn that kind of money in royalties?”

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Actualités techno

Twitter expands e-commerce efforts with launch of mobile storefronts, Twitter Shops

Twitter is introducing a new shopping feature called Twitter Shops, which will allow merchants to curate a collection of up to 50 products to showcase on their Twitter profile. The mobile-first feature, which is free to use, aims to encourage users to go from talking about products on Twitter’s platform to actually clicking through to browse the merchant’s selection, then check out.

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Instagram : Mark Zuckerberg annonce l’arrivée des NFT

À l’occasion d’une conférence au cours de l’événement SXSW aux États-Unis, Mark Zuckerberg a fait une annonce de taille sur l’avenir d’Instagram. En effet, les équipes du réseau social travaillent sur un système permettant d’intégrer des NFT à Instagram.

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