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Dear Friend,

Registration for CYM2020 is now available! From August 8th-13th, you can gather with Friends online between noon and 8 p.m. Eastern Time. If you wish to participate in a worship sharing group, please register by August 3rd so there is time to add you to a group. We'd also like to strongly encourage you to forward this email to Friends who may be interested by August 1st so that they have time to register!



The full schedule for CYM2020 is now available! Activities will include Meeting for Worship, worship sharing, an LGBTQ+ evening, a First Time Attenders Meeting, and much more. Many activities will be held by Zoom, with some small group options via Discord. (Not sure what Discord is? Click here to learn more.)


Read the schedule

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Tech support is available!

We know there are members who are hesitant to use the internet and need support to use it successfully. Others don’t have access to a strong enough connection. We want to ensure that all who want to attend this year, can.

Please contact * to be connected to a Friend who will support people who have challenges with the internet and Zoom in particular. Our Friendly approach and technical knowledge will try to help find creative participation for all at CYM in session.

*The previous CYM newsletter announcement gave the wrong email address. Our apologies! This is the correct one.

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Training sessions!

A series of Zoom sessions are planned to explain how to use some features of zoom, and to let people have practice. The scheduled events so far are:

• Thursday, July 30 - 7 pm Eastern Time

• Saturday, August 1 - 11 am Eastern Time

• Wednesday, August 5 - 2 pm Eastern Time

People planning to attend events by telephone may want to contact for individual support for the set up. In addition, there will be a Zoom session specifically for those using the telephone, so that they will have time to practice and experience using Zoom to gather with Friends.

• Tuesday, August 4 - 2pm Eastern Time

Using Discord:

Two Discord trainings will be held over Zoom on

• Tuesday, August 4 - 7:30 pm Eastern Time

• Friday, August 7 - 7:30 pm Eastern Time

During these training sessions, we will help Friends to create a Discord account, and explain how the CYM2020 Discord server is set up and how to use it.

Information for how to access these sessions will be available on soon.

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Evergreen CYM2020 link

To access the latest information on CYM2020, you can click the link below - it will contain everything from schedules and registration, to the right links to Zoom and Discord sessions (once meetings are underway).

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