August 3, 2021

This week... 

Know before you throw, Walk-in Wednesday, and we 'test before we invest' with tactical urbanism. Read on for more!

Get Vaccinated

Walk-in Wednesday with Island Health

August 4, 2021 is Walk-in Wednesday! That means that all Island Health COVID-19 immunization clinics are offering first and second COVID-19 vaccine doses – no appointment or registration required.

  • Dose 1 eligibility: All people aged 12+
  • Dose 2 eligibility: All people vaccinated before June 16

Be sure to bring your photo ID to your local clinic and your immunization record card (if you’re getting your second dose). Find a clinic near you at


Know Before You Throw

If you've ever wondered what happens to your recycling materials once they leave the curb, watch this video to find out. However, before it even gets to the depot for recycling, it's important that only items that are accepted at the depot get placed in the bin. Unsure if it's actually recyclable, even after looking it up? When in doubt, throw it out (seriously!). If a truck load of picked-up recyclables gets contaminated with materials that aren't recyclable, the entire truck load could become trash. It's not worth the risk! To become familiar with what is accepted in the blue bin, visit the Recycling tab on the City's website. 


Reuse Rendezvous

Get ready, Nanaimo! Reuse Rendezvous, the city-wide swap meet, is less than two weeks away (August 14 & 15)!

Give those old household items a new lease on life by placing them at the curb with a "free" sign for treasure hunters to pick up.

For anything that doesn't have any potential for reuse, visit our Recycling page and use the City's 'What Goes Where' app for proper disposal tips and to find a drop-off location near you.


Phrase of the Day - Tactical Urbanism

You may have seen these yellow 'biscuits' around town, or the yellow tire (yeah, it’s ugly, but it’s also serving a purpose). Tactical urbanism (also known as urban prototyping) is the practice of using economical, flexible and short-term projects as a test-before-we-invest strategy.  

We want to know what you think! Go to to learn more and to answer a short, three question survey to share your ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ thoughts.


Front Street slows down

The improvements to Front Street are almost finished, and this new complete street is now also a slow street. The new, posted speed limit is 30 km/h for both motor vehicles and bicycles! Visit the Front Street project page for more details.


Woodstream Park Notice

Woodstream Park will be closed as crews actively remove invasive plants and restore the stream and fish habitat.

To find another park to visit, go to the City's Parks Search Page:




A healthy city means that all people have the opportunity to access and maintain a good standard of living. Nanaimo envisions a City where a person can live an entire lifetime finding comfort and happiness in a safe and secure home and having access to healthy food. Help us plan for a healthy future. 

Want to get involved with planning out the future of our city? Join in the virtual workshop on August 4, from 12-2pm or August 16, from 7-9pm. You can also visit a REIMAGINE NANAIMO pop-up booth:


  • Tuesday, August 3 - Neck Point Park (during the Fiddle concert 4:30-5:30pm)

  • Wednesday, August 4 & 11 - Farmer’s Market (2-6pm)

  • Thursday, August 5 - Westwood Lake (8:30am-12:30pm) or at Colliery Dam (2-4pm)

  • Friday, August 6 & 13 - Maffeo Sutton (1-4pm)


Will Your Commute Be Affected This Week?

Up-to-date information on City construction projects:

  • Metral Drive is still an active construction site, so please expect delays and account for extra time when navigating the area. All businesses remain open and accessible, but commuters are asked to use alternate routes whenever possible.
  • Lost Lake Road road work and utility upgrades are underway between Tanya Drive and Blue Jay Trail. Commuters can expect delays and are encouraged to use alternative routes whenever possible.


Work With Us!

We are currently looking for candidates to fill the following positions:


Meetings This Week

Did you know? 

August is typically a slow time for Council-related meetings at the City, as Council, staff and committee members often find August to be a good time for down time.

You can watch live meetings, view a list of upcoming meetings, read agendas and watch recordings of past meetings all in one place on the City website. 


Want the Latest City of Nanaimo News & Information?

Stay up to date with Council, programming and events:

City of Nanaimo's COVID-19 Response


Now in Phase 3 of the BC Restart Plan, recreation facilities are following suit. 

Beginning July 1:

  • Mask use for indoor activities not required but encouraged.
  • Fitness classes - all indoor fitness classes allowed to run with normal capacity.
  • Weight Rooms will gradually increase to normal capacity (pre-registration required for these sessions until September 7).
  • Indoor spectators of 50 people or 50% capacity (whichever is greater) permitted.
  • Outdoor spectators of 5,000 or 50% capacity (whichever is greater) permitted.
  • All pre-registered sessions (swimming, skating, gymnasium sports) have increased capacity (pre-registration required for these sessions until September 7).
  • New Communicable Disease Guidelines will be in place.
  • For the latest information on our programs, please see our online Summer Activity Guide.

Beginning July 12:

  • Oliver Woods Community Centre, Bowen Complex and Nanaimo Aquatic Centre open to the public for registration, washrooms and water fountains.

Beginning August 18:

  • Beban Pool lobby (registration office) will open for Fall 2021 registration along with public washrooms and water fountains. Find staff at our "Celebration Stations" on this day in various recreation lobbies as we welcome you back and share with you our programming options for the Fall 2021 season.