School of Kinesiology

Gymnastics Spring Break Camps!

Registration has opened for our gymnastics Spring Break Camps running March 15-19 and March 22-26! Act fast as there are only a few spots left in our morning Excel camps.

Website: www.kin.ubc.ca/activekids/camps

To Register: click here

Spring Classes and Summer Camps Registration

Save the date! Spring classes and Summer camps registration opens on Monday April 12th.

Stay tuned to our website for more updates.

Daylight Savings Reminder

Just a reminder that daylight savings will be on Sunday March 14th at 2:00am, so remember to set your clocks one hour forward!

How to Get Your Kids Active with a Simple Recipe Called Physical Literacy

With the recent challenges in the world and an increase in sedentary behavior, ensuring that kids are physically literate is essential to avoid sedentary behaviors.

Click here to read more on physical literacy and its affect on kids.

Active Kids Credit on Account

If you have any refund requests owed from March 2020, please contact us to have a credit placed on your account.

If you are a BodyWorks client or member and happen to receiving this email, please note that these deadlines do not apply to you. You will receive a separate email that is more BodyWorks specific where there will be more information.

Nutrition Tips with the School of Kinesiology

This years theme from the Dietitions of Canada is Good For You, which celebrates various backgrounds and cultures.

Click here to read more on ways to introduce different meals from various cultures to children, and a recipe to Japanese-style savoury pancakes called Okonomiyaki.

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