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Cette semaine dans l'Hebdo, sommes-nous à la veille d'une guerre des A&R?; deux tiers des usagers de TikTok se rendent sur des sites de musique en continu pour chercher des chansons trouvées sur la plateforme et un retour sur l'enquête parlementaire britannique sur l'économie du streaming et ses répercussions sur l'édition musicale.


De plus, l'industrie musicale australienne a perdu 39% de sa valeur en 2020 et vous n'avez plus besoin d'être invité pour rejoindre Clubhouse.



Annonces importantes

Relance des festivals et événements - Québec annonce l'élaboration d'un protocole de recherche visant la tenue d'un événement-test

Le gouvernement du Québec annonce le début des démarches visant la tenue d'un événement-test au début de l'automne à Québec. La ministre du Tourisme, Mme Caroline Proulx, a confirmé aujourd'hui l'octroi d'un important mandat à l'Université Laval pour la préparation d'un protocole de recherche à cet effet. Le Québec devient ainsi la première province canadienne à prendre cette initiative.

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Pratiques industrielles et artistiques

Are We at the Dawn of A&R Data Wars?

The sheer volume of music produced means that every A&R needs some automated tool to filter through the vast ocean of newly released music. Whether it’s AI-driven solutions like Instrumental or Warner-owned Sodatone, conventional analytics dashboards like Soundcharts or Chartmetric, or in-house data analytics, every modern A&R department is grounded in analytics.

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.Music domains may finally be a reality

For bands and artists, the process of registering a domain name has long been a frustrating one, with many of the relevant .com names having already been scooped up by early adopters. That could soon change, however, after the company DotMusic finally won out in a battle to register .music domains.

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Consommation médiatique et de biens culturels

Studies Show TikTok’s Music Clout: Two-Thirds of Users Go to Streaming Services to Play Songs They’ve Found

A music perceptions study was conducted in November by MRC Data, while a study about TikTok’s impact on culture was fielded in March by London-based Flamingo Group. Both surveys were conducted online, polling nearly 1,500 TikTok users.

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Are You Tuned into Young Listeners?

Given their engagement with streaming applications, nearly one-third of Gen X and Y tuned into local radio stations digitally in the past month. In fact, these two groups comprise 80% of digital radio listeners. This means that in order to engage with this audience, digital radio has a crucial part to play in radio broadcasters content strategy.

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Politiques publiques

Inquiring Minds: What The DCMS Investigation Into The Economics of Streaming Means For Music Publishing

Last week, the DCMS Committee released its report on the economics of music streaming and called for a “total reset” of the streaming model.
We take a look at what the report’s recommendations mean for songwriters and music publishers, and how the music publishing community has responded so far.

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Value of Australian music industry declined by 39% in 2020

A report from PwC has found that the value of Australia’s music industry declined by almost 39% in 2020, with the live sector losing up to 90% of revenue over the past year alone.

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Spotify stock slips as multiple threats loom

Unprofitability has long been a concern, but a new study led by Mark Mulligan of MiDIA also shows that Spotify lost two percentage points of global market share compared to the first quarter in 2020 due to accelerating growth from competitors. Amazon, Google, and Tencent made the biggest gains.

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Actualités techno

YouTube Rolls Out Personalized Video Recommendation Feed ‘New To You’

The feed, called New To You, is different from YouTube’s Explore page because it’s personalized to each user, and suggests a range of content they haven’t seen before, but will likely be interested in based on their activity.

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Clubhouse is finally open to everyone: How musicians can benefit

Clubhouse is now out of beta, open to everyone, and ready to begin its next chapter. This means we have removed our waitlist system so that anyone can join. If you have a club, you can post your link far and wide. If you are a creator with an audience, you can bring them all on. If you’re hosting a public event, anyone can attend.

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