School of Kinesiology

Winter Programs Begin

Better make sure your calendars are up to date because our winter programs start on the 17th of January.

Double check the dates and times of your registered programs on our online registration software.

Covid-19 Policies

Please be assured that we are continuing to moitor and take ggreat care in meeting all PHO guidelines and restrictions, more information can be found on our main page here.

Additionally, we encourage you to review all of our Covid-19 policies and expectations to make sure you are fully prepared to safely attend and have fun in your classes.

Yoga and Athletic Performance

We often hear about the multitude of befits yoga has as we age, but yoga can also help your child reach their full athletic potential.

Read this article that elaborates on the connection between yoga and your child's athletic development.   

Nutrition Tips From The School of Kinesiology

With the new year here, a fresh time and opportunity comes to build and introduce healthy eating habits with our family.

Click here for five tips for building healthy eating habits with children.

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