June 24th, 2019

Theme - Berries
Decoration ideas, crafts, games, and activities that are perfect for berry-picking season!

Educatall Club
Word flaschards, coloring pages, puppets, activity sheets, printable games, and so much more berry sweet fun!

Paper heart strawberries
Brighten up your bulletin board with this simple project.

My snail
A tiny, yet oh-so-cute creature children are sure to adopt!

Miniature beach ball
Explore colors with this summer-themed craft.

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Develop healthy eating habits with fruit-filled ideas.

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Kiddie pools

Refreshing sensory activities, crafts, and games.

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Three manipulations for one big learning experience.

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Hot water, cold water
Water particles explained to preschoolers.

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Bath and body paint
Perfect for poolside fun!

A multicoloured flower
Turn kitchen basics into a fun activity.

Homemade ice cream
A very cool way to make a sweet treat!

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Get moving with books

Make books interesting…even for very active children.

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Homemade multicoloured cubes

Surprise children with these see-through cubes!

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Simple homemade math game

An uncomplicated way to teach counting skills.

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