Climate Change Impacts in Bedford

Dear friends,

I hope this e-newsletter finds you well. I know this past month has been a frustrating and even dangerous time for some Bedford residents. The July 21st floods brought home the realities of climate change in ways many of us never anticipated. I am so thankful we didn’t lose any Bedford residents, but far too many people were forced to flee as water inundated their homes. 

If you experienced damage that is not covered by insurance, you may wish to apply for the Province’s Disaster Financial Assistance Program. You can find the application forms here.

There is also a fact sheet that may be of some assistance as you negotiate the aftermath of the flooding.

Both Councillor Tim Outhit and I have called on the three levels of government to come together to discuss purchasing the homes of these residents who have experienced repeated flooding. We will keep you abreast of any developments regarding this file.

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Never have the shelves been so bare

In 2022-23, Feed Nova Scotia distributed 2,714,589 kg of food across the Feed Nova Scotia network of food banks, meal programs, and shelters. Perishable items like fruit, vegetables, dairy, and meat made up half of that. From that, more than 46,000 people received food support. 

From that, more than 46,000 people received food support. This represents a 25% increase in the number of people accessing support compared to 2021. 

Beacon House Food Bank, which supports people in our community who are facing food insecurities, is feeling the increase in demand for assistance this year more than ever. 

They recently shared photos on their Facebook page with a request for donations as their shelves have never been so bare. 

If you are able to donate, you can find a list of their top ten required items, make an online donation, and find the hours of operation on their website

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Housing Shortage

📌 I recently reached out to a large landlord to talk about trends in rentals and was told no one is moving from rental housing — people are not leaving or downsizing because there is no place or affordable places to goRead more...

The Healthcare Crisis

🏥 If you don’t have a family doctor or nurse practitioner and have added your name to the province’s Need a Family Practice Waitlist, you may want to double check that you’re still on the list.  Read more...

Flooding Assistance

🏡 If your home heating source was damaged recently by flooding, Efficiency Nova Scotia can provide you with advice and guidance to access rebates. These can help to restore your home in a safe and energy efficient way. Read more...


Community Spotlight

Compassionate Closet

In recent years, I’ve shared some posts about the great clothes you can buy at the Compassionate Closet, located in nearby Sackville.

This thrift shop has rebranded as the “Hospice Thrift Store” — which makes sense, since the money raised there goes to support the work of the Halifax Hospice. I can’t say enough good things about the work the Hospice does. For example, in addition to providing a place for end-of-life care, the Hospice helps people grieving a loss too. You can see more of their programming here.

The thrift shop also carries some non-clothing items including china. You can check out their offerings in person at the store located at 32 Glendale Avenue, Lower Sackville or visit their on-line store.

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What's on in Bedford Basin?

🦺 Ongoing construction will continue on Highway 102 for a couple more months. Read more...

🏋️‍♀️ Fit4Less Bedford is back open!

💵 The Centre for Women in Business is an official Loan Fund Partner for The WEOC National Loan Program. Read more...

👩‍🍳 The Centre for Women in Business is offering a Specialized Program in Cooking Entrepreneurship for Nova Scotian women who are ready to run a fully compliant food business. Read more...

🦈 Join Warren Joyce at the library to learn about sharks in Nova Scotia waters and beyond. Read more...