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Recently OLBA and at least one member club were targeted through email by a spoofer requesting money. In both cases, the spoofer sent an email that appeared to be from the respective organization's president to each organization's treasurer requesting money to be sent somewhere. The spoofer included a different "reply-to" address in the hope that the recipients wouldn't read too closely.

The initial messages in each incident were identical and requested that money be sent to an address in Alberta. We will be following up with authorities, but we wanted to pass word along to clubs to be on the lookout for these sorts of scams. If you receive a questionable message, you can click in the address area for more information. Look for things like a different "reply-to" address from the sender and for messages sent from a domain that doesn't match the sender.

Fortunately, the messages were identified as fraudulent quickly and no funds or information were compromised.

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Grants Grants Grants

New grant opportunity - Ontario Sport and Recreation Communities Fund -

Deadline January 16

Grants Ontario

Growing Your Club

The green is closed for the seson. Next year seems far off in the future. But is it? Now's the time to start growing your club.

Growing Your Club

Recruitment shows

Tips on how to run a successful recruitment show


Coaches Wanted

Every Club needs a coach or two. The OLBA will schedule coaching clinics throughout the season. Please review the attached file for further information on Coaching.


On the lighter side

A "Guide" for new Bowlers

Beginners "Guide"

Greens Matter

Getting ready for winter damage.

Greens Matter

From Novice to Gold

Michelle Mackay's story as reported in the Ottawa Sun October 12 2017


Canadian Short Mat Bowling Championships

The CSMBA is proud to announce the first ever Canadian Short Mat  Winners:

Singles:  (pictured)

Gold - Martin Foxhall (Ontario)

Silver - Nick Watkins (Ontario)

Bronze - Brent Jansen                       (British Columbia)


Gold - Martin Foxhall and Dave Burrows (Ontario)

Silver - Brent Jansen & Mitch 'Brien  Victoria B.C.

Bronze - Andrew Harley & David Anderson  Victoria B. C.


Gold - Laila Hassan, Nick Watkins, Helena Ho (Ontario)

Silver - Brent Jansen, Andrew Harley, David Anderson (British Columbia)

Bronze - Patrick Cote, Mitch O'Brien, Dave Burrows (B.C. & ONT.)



Gold - Brent Jansen, Mitch O'Brien, Dave Anderson and Andrew Harley  of Oak Bay Club, Victoria B.C. 

Silver - Martin Foxhall, Dave Burrows, Brian Taillieu, Phil Thornton of JJMat and Burlington Clubs, Ontario

Bronze -  Dave Houtby, Dave Anderson, Laura Seed, Sandy MacKenzie, Niagara Falls/JJ Mat, Ontario

Growing Your Club

The green is closed for the seson. Next year seems far off in the future. But is it? Now's the time to start growing your club.

  • Membership drives happen year round.
  • People often make plans as to what they will do next year, many months in advance. Fall and winter months are ideal times to begin a new membership drive.

Did you Know:

The OLBA website has a section on Marketing and Recruitment of new members? The following article and many more can be found on the OLBA website under "Programs" or follow the link:


Letters to the Editor


Suggestions for Approaching People about Lawn Bowling

These general talking points will help bowlers recruit members at events outside the club. They can also be used when talking to family, friends or a passerby at the club. (Invite a passerby to try rolling a bowl immediately.)

At recruiting events, dress so people will view lawn bowling as a sport. Wear your nametag. Wear your “Ontario” shirts, etc. if you have won a Provincial competition.

Try not to sit back passively and wait for people to approach you; approach them with a bowl and let them hold it while talking about lawn bowling.

Show enthusiasm for the game and emphasize that it is a great sport for a summer afternoon or evening.  Remember:

 Most bowlers join initially for the social and fun aspects, so make sure they get a warm social welcome.

 Most people are shy around a new sport. So encourage them to try it with their friends and families.

 Briefly explain the game:

* The bowls are not round and curl when rolled;

* You score by getting your bowl closest to the jack (show them a jack);

* It is played by over 100 clubs in Ontario;

* It is played by people of all ages.

 Tell them where your club is and when there is bowls.

 Tell them about the free training that you offer.

 Tell them they only need flat soled shoes to start.

 Give a flyer to all visitors who are interested. At events that are not held during the bowling season, ask people if they think they’d like to try it outdoors in the spring. “We’re having an Open House next spring for people in the community so they can try rolling bowls. Do you think you’d like to come?”

Ask: “Would you like me to take your name now and give you a call in the spring so you don’t get left out?” Hand them a clipboard with other names on it (so they’ll feel like they’re part of a larger, interested group) and get their name/phone/e-mail address.

Practise makes perfect.

Lan Bowls  Give it a try!


(reprinted from Bowls USA Newsletter Jan 15 1964)

Be very careful you don't begin practicing alone. In this way you are likely to pick up the bowl in some comfortable sort of way, roll it down off the mat and finish right alongside the jack time after time.

But this is quite wrong. You must use the right grip. Seek advice from other players. You will get plenty of it—nothing will stop them.

You will probably finish up using your hand like some sort of a claw but as long as it is thoroughly uncomfortable, it is probably right.

The fact that you never again finish up within yards of the jack is beside the point. Think nothing of it. You have the comforting thought that you have mastered "The Grip."

Then there is "The Stance." You will be told to "face the green." A good plan is to take a nice steady shot at the jack in the next rink. You will be astonished how often it will finish up with a remarkably good result in your own rink.

Now the lead!

After the teams have been called and players are introduced, your skip's face will state plainly that he regards you as about the worst type of clot it has ever been his misfortune to run across.

Don't let this worry you unduly. Subsequent remarks by the "Thirds" about the skip, during the course of play, will afford you a deep sense of satisfaction.


"The Lead" play, first and the nervous beginner can at least take some comfort from the thought that no one really cares much what you do, least of all the skip.

In fact, while you put down your two bowls, the skip will be either (a) chatting amiably to a player two rinks away or (b) in the bar. So you don't have to worry about the skip.

The other players will be interested only in where you put the mat, since this involves a certain amount of low cunning.


The skip is supposed to indicate where you should throw the jack, but after a couple of ends he gives it up as hopeless and so is usually absent for the performance.

It is bad form to keep on throwing the jack into the ditch.

If by some mischance you are playing among gentlemen, you can't very well go wrong. Your short bowl will be "right in their eye" and the one near the ditch "an excellent back bowl—we need one there."

From your closest friends these remarks can be looked on as straight out insults.

In the No. 2 position you can frequently be of some use to your team because you have the advantage of keeping the score.

Playing in this position, it is not good form to carry the jack away from your "lead" and put it alongside your opponents' bowls.


This is apt to irritate the skip, who by now is taking a mild interest in the game.

I have only once played "Third." It was due to an accident in calling over the cards.

Still, there is one great advantage about playing third. There are quite a few bowls at the "head" and there is every prospect of doing a series of wicks and finishing up close to the jack.

I did, in fact. manage this three times, but I doubt whether I was a great success as a "third."

The skip has not spoken to me since. Now, the skip?

I have never been a skip.


From the pages of the March 2015

News and Views Newsletter:

Greens Matter

To get and keep Bowlers at our clubs we need good greens with a good pace. What is the pace of your clubs green?


Your Greens may need your help NOW! 


Last year many greens in southern Ontario suffered large areas of winter kill. This delayed the opening of some clubs and restricted play at other clubs. We urge greens keepers and their helpers to read this article on how to avoid this problem. Click Here to Read More


                                         CHARLES ROACH

                                             OLBA GREENS CHAIRMAN

Letters to the Editor:

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Q Can I get in trouble with the anti-spam laws if I pass on the Nesletter to members of our club?


A The CRTC provides information on the application of the anti-span legislation. On its frequently asked questions page the CRTC provides the following Q and A

Does section 6 of CASL apply to commercial electronic messages (CEMs) sent between persons within an organization or sent between organizations?

"No, there is an exemption for persons sending CEMs to other persons within their organization, where the CEMs concern the activities of the organization. Similarly, there is an exemption for persons sending CEMs to persons at another organization, where the CEMs concern the activities of that other organization and the organizations have a relationship. If the CEM does not concern the activities of the organization, or if the organizations do not have a relationship, then the requirements under section 6 of the legislation apply.

There is also an exemption for persons who send CEMs to other persons with whom they have a personal or family relationship, as defined in the Governor-in-Council Regulations. See the question – Does section 6 of CASL apply to messages sent by friends or family members?" 

Please refer to the CRTC website fr further clarification:  www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/com500/faq500.htm


Member News and Notes 

News and notes for births deaths or achievments


HENDERSON, Douglas "Doug" -December 30, 1929 - November 15, 2017 It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of a tremendous husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather and uncle on Wednesday, November 15, 2017. Doug will be dearly missed by loving wife Eleanor (nee Gray) of 64 years. Dear father of Doug (Dianne), Victor (Kathy), Stewart, and Donald (Jo) of New Zealand. .... Doug was a maintenance foreman for the city of Kingston for 32 years, he was the only stonemason on staff during his career. Passionate about his Budgie's Doug became a judge and a best in show breeder. Doug will be missed by his friends at the Kingston Lawn Bowling Club as he was a member for just over 50 years. He was a proud member of the Rob Roy Pipe Band. On Doug's behalf the family would like to thank Providence Care and staff at Parkside 2 for the compassion and dedication they have given Doug and the Henderson family over the past 2 years.

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