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Workday has caused some glitches in our membership list (read more about it in CBC's recent article featuring our President Catherine Larocque), and so we have some gaps in our contact information lists.

We want to talk to you about bargaining, as we have important information to share with you. Our collective agreement expired over a year ago, and we are still in bargaining. This means we have an opportunity to fight back and win fair wages, better job security (entitlement), and improve the student experience. To have a real shot at addressing and winning these issues, we are speaking to as many workers as possible about uniting in solidarity to show our employer collective power.

Winning a fair collective agreement takes all of us! If you want to make sure we have the right information about how to reach you and want us to be able to talk to you ASAP, fill out this Google Form and a member of our Action Team will be in touch with you.


Ensure we can reach you!


Important information about proctoring

We are aware that many departments on campus are randomly assigning TAs to proctor for exams in courses for which they are not the assigned TA.

Reminder: If you currently hold a TA contract, all duties and tasks must be completed in the context of one course only.

This means that, per article 4.3.1 of our collective agreement, you do not have any obligation to:

  1. Fulfill your hours allocated to proctoring in a TA contract by proctoring exams for a class or classes for which you are NOT the TA.
  2. Find a replacement or pay anyone to replace you for the proctor shift you have been assigned.

If you have received such a request and need our support, please contact your steward or info@2626.ca if you don't have a steward.

For your reference, article 4.3.1 reads:

Teaching Assistant/Demonstrator/Lab Monitor

Shall be defined as a Student hired to assist in the presentation or delivery of a course or to demonstrate, supervise, and/or monitor a laboratory or class and who may perform any or a combination of duties including but not limited to: teaching assistance, correcting, demonstrating, monitoring labs, conducting discussion groups or problem sessions, attending lectures if so instructed by the Supervisor in the context of their contract, consulting with individual Students, proctoring and tutoring.

Standing Strong for Academic Freedom

CUPE 2626 stands firm in upholding the academic freedom of our members, creating an environment for open inquiry and research free from censorship. We champion diverse perspectives, emphasizing critique of ideas over individuals.

Our commitment extends to opposing all forms of racism and discrimination in Canadian educational institutions. We stand against anti-Palestinian racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Indigenous racism, homophobia, transphobia, and sexism. CUPE 2626 is dedicated to ensuring a safe and inclusive work environment, free from bigotry and hate.

Check out our official statement, "Defending Academic Freedom," passed during our General Assembly on November 8, 2023, here.

Say "NO" to overwork!

A friendly reminder to not forget to track your hours! Your time is valuable, and we want to ensure you're aware of your rights.

The Collective Agreement (CA) holds crucial insight on workload management! Did you know you have the right to stop working when your hours are exhausted (mandatory training included!)? Alternatively, you can request additional hours using the "Revision of Workload" form in the CA.

Your well-being matters, and understanding your rights empowers you to strike a healthy work-life balance. Your hours, your control!

Highlights from the 2023 National Convention

We are excited to share key outcomes from our participation in the 2023 National Convention. Below, you will find essential documents reflecting the decisions made during this significant event:

These documents, along with the adopted resolutions, will serve as our guide for the next two years. While the national union takes the lead, there's significant work within our locals, councils, and divisions to propel our union forward and achieve the goals set by convention delegates.

We urge you to review these documents and stay engaged in shaping our collective future.



Mark your calendars for our upcoming Coffee with CUPE session:

December 7th, 1-3pm in the Desmarais lobby

We can't wait to see you again and continue our conversations!


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Taking a Stand: Addressing Hate on uOttawa Campus

In response to the recent surge in Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian hate on the University of Ottawa campus, the Muslim Student Association has prepared an email template for you to voice your concerns to the university administration. Copy, paste, and send your email to stand against discrimination and promote a safer and more inclusive campus for all.

Antisemitism and islamaphobia have no place in our community, and will not be tolerated.  Don't hesitate to contact protection services or report an incident should you witness or experience an emergency situation or safety concern.

Let's unite in solidarity to ensure every member of our community feels safe and valued.

Congratulating our Health and Safety Officer, Agnes Bezerra!

We are thrilled to announce that Agnes Bezerra, a doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Engineering, was named Health and Safety Leader for September 2023.

Agnes, serving on the health and safety committee, actively participates in workplace inspections, identifying and minimizing hazards to ensure a safe environment for the University community. As a key member of a cross-functional team, Agnes is contributing to shaping the future of the University’s joint health and safety committees.

Let's celebrate Agnes for embodying the principles of Policy 77 and inspiring us all to prioritize health and safety.

Congratulations Agnes!

Celebrating a Successful Steward Study Session

A big thank you to everyone who attended our Steward Study Session on contract literacy via Google Meet on November 14th. You made it a success with your active participation and insightful contributions, elevating the experience for everyone.

Interested in becoming a Steward?  Reach out to our reps for more info on how to get involved:

  • Anglophone Steward Representative: anglo.stewards.rep@cupe2626.ca
  • Francophone Steward Representative: rep.delegue.franco@cupe2626.ca

Unpacking Stress & Burnout Workshop Recap

A big thank you to everyone who joined our recent workshop in-person or virtually with Wala'a and Samiyah of Rubiks Counselling Services!

In this empowering and interactive session, we delved into differentiating stress versus burnout, explored biopsychosocial factors affecting student well-being, and identified burnout signs, with a special focus on BIPOC individuals.

Stay tuned for more events coming your way in the new year.


Advocating for Affordable Housing: ACORN Tenant Union Takes a Stand

The Accora Village ACORN Tenant Union is making waves! Organizing their community, they recently hosted a compelling Tenant Speak Out addressing the UNFAIR 5.5% ‘Above the Guideline Increase’ (AGI) in rent from property owners, Ferguslea Properties Limited.

Take action with Ottawa ACORN to demand affordable housing in Lansdowne. The Lansdowne 2.0 plan, unfortunately, lacks any provision for affordable housing, despite the initial commitment of 10% of units being designated as such.

Send a letter to your reps demanding affordable housing in one step!

Solidarity for Change: Uniting Against Homelessness in Ottawa

Winter is looming, and Ottawa's shelters are nearing capacity. The Mayor and City Council are taking emergency action, but we need your support.

Please sign the petition for $30 million in federal funding, championing housing-focused solutions to combat homelessness.

Every signature matters—encourage friends, family, and coworkers to join in and share widely!

To learn more about the impactful initiatives led by the Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa, visit their website.


You asked, we answered - navigating Chat GPT in higher education

As we approach final paper marking time, concerns about identifying plagiarism and Chat GPT related issues have surfaced, particularly among our TAs/correctors. In response, we've gathered valuable resources to address these concerns:

  • Explore this Quick Start Guide, which delves into critical considerations for using the AI tool in the realms of teaching and learning, research, and the associated ethical implications.
  • Discover this seminar on ChatGPT, AI basics, higher education applications, challenges, UNESCO recommendations, and practical integration insights for your institution.
  • Get involved on the TLSS page, where webinars, open discussions, and new ideas surrounding AI flow!

We recommend our members check in with their work supervisors to align with institutional guidelines and ensure responsible and efficient paper marking.

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