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  • Safety capsule: Do you know what is your greatest danger?
  • A short survey.
  • Thanks to all of our partners.
  • MF frequency at Saint-Hyacinthe airport (CSU3).
  • Petition launched by COPA against the luxury tax on the purchase of new aircraft with a value of more than $ 100,000
  • Aérovision Foundation and the Quebec Air and Space Panthéon
  • COPA: Virtual RVA and Aviation Exhibition, June 27, 2021.
  • COVID: The Quebec sky is again yours.
  • A virtual documentation center for ultralight pilots.
  • Your virtual library.
  • Photo competition 2020-21.

Aviation Safety Capsule: Do you know what is your greatest danger?

Ah yes you know him. It's you! One of the most common causes of fatal accidents is making the wrong decision. There are a multitude of situations where decision making is the primary factor leading to an accident. Each situation could be the subject of an article, but this article focuses on <the need to arrive at all costs>! Yes ; at all costs. Even at the cost of your life?

It is a well-known phenomenon. It is difficult to change your plan along the way as you approach the destination. This need that we feel <to arrive at any cost> has prompted several pilots to continue when they should have stopped. And in the end, many never surrendered. You probably know several stories where pilots who were known to be cautious decided to continue their journey despite deteriorating weather conditions and ended up in IMC conditions.

The situations are all alike. A pilot makes a flight plan to get from point A to point B. As the flight progresses, the fuel reserve decreases and the conditions get tougher, the stress increases and it becomes harder and harder to cancel. the flight. And rarely does the pilot have a plan B. So he perceives the search for a plan B in flight as extremely difficult. And under stress, it is!

Yes <cancelling> a flight is extremely difficult. This word is important, as most pilots will see the situation in terms of <loss>. This feeling of needing to arrive at all costs and the difficulty of changing the plan is caused by a well-documented psychological phenomenon. A person who perceives a situation in terms of losses (ex: I will have to find a place to spend the night, it will cost me more; my flight is a failure; I failed, etc.) will tend to take more risk. In addition, decision making under high stress is extremely difficult.

So, what to do to avoid ending up in this situation?

  • First: be aware of the difficulty of terminating a flight plan. The purpose of this article is to make you aware of this phenomenon.
  • Second, have a plans B along the way. Having a plan B will make the decision much easier, if it is required. But how many of you have plans B on long distance flights? Very very few! Take the time to complete the small survey and we can share the results.
  • Third, to have defined your limits before the flight. If you have clearly articulated the use of personal minimums, the situation will be analyzed logically in terms of the conditions and not in terms of our feeling of failure (see our article HERE ). This analysis will allow you to make the decision early before the stress has become too crippling.

Have a good flight.

Contributed by Gilles Jean and photo by Jean-Pierre Bonin

A short survey

After reading this safety capsule, we would be interested in knowing your opinion on your flight habits. We have a short survey (2 questions) at the following link:


Thank you for your collaboration. We will share the results in our next newsletter.

Thanks to all of our partners

Aviateurs.Québec would like to thank all of its partners who support us financially from one year to the next through their corporate membership. Their contribution allows us to continue our mission of promoting general aviation and aviation safety in Quebec.

You too can thank them by encouraging them. To learn more about our partners and how they can serve you, visit our Corporate Members page .

MF frequency at Saint-Hyacinthe airport (CSU3)

Saint-Hyacinthe Airport (CSU3) will be designated MF as of June 17, 2021 at 9:01 a.m.Z. The frequency remains 123.2 MHz, 5 NM 3200 ASL.

Here is an excerpt from Transport Canada's press release:

"This type of change must be made on a publication date (CFS or AIP Canada Supplement) except in an emergency for aviation safety reasons.

Even if we want to proceed quickly, we are waiting for the date of the next Canada Flight Supplement (CFS) and we are making the entry into force of the MF coincide with that of the CFS, so at 0901Z on Thursday, June 17, 2021.

As specified during the consultation, for the moment the only change is the obligation to communicate by switching from ATF to MF.

An assessment of the size of the area and also the possibility of a change in frequency will be considered later this year. >>

Spread the word.

Source: Transport Canada

Petition launched by COPA against the luxury tax on the purchase of new aircraft with a value of more than $ 100,000

Here is the wording of the petition launched by COPA against the luxury tax on the purchase of new planes having a value of more than $ 100,000:

We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada , call on the Government of Canada to exempt from the luxury tax, in Budget 2021, new personal aircraft valued at $ 8 million or less, regardless of their use or classification. depending on the passenger seats.

We invite you to support COPA's initiative and to sign this petition as an interested person by clicking HERE

Christine Gervais, President and CEO of COPA, also testified before the House Standing Committee on Finance on the same point. You can watch his testimony at the following link (at 4:11:45 PM ): ParlVu

Aérovision Foundation and the Quebec Air and Space Panthéon

History is made from those who are built with courage, recklessness and determination. History is the polar star of our noble past. Its heritage symbolism is immutable. The Aérovision Quebec Foundation has been part of Quebec air and space history since the 1990s.

History teaches us, guides us and inspires us. Aérovision Quebec believes in it and is committed to nurturing and protecting our rich history with passion and pride.

The Foundation needs you to continue its work of preserving Quebec's aeronautical heritage.

Visit their site to contribute either as a member and / or through a donation. The Foundation is recognized by Revenue Canada for the purpose of issuing tax receipts.


A contribution by Lucien Poirier, Fondation Aérovision

COPA: Virtual RVA and Aviation Exhibition, June 27, 2021

Attend the biggest general aviation event in Canada this year!


Exhibition, workshops, networking, prizes, quiz night and much more!

The regular price for members is $ 25, and that for general admission is $ 30.

Please note that for each ticket purchased, $ 5 will automatically be donated to the Freedom to Fly Fund. To learn more about this fund, please click HERE

To register, click on the following link: COPA - Virtual RVA and aeronautical expo.

Aviators.Québec members benefit from a 10% discount. To get your discount coupon, send an email to COPA RVA Virtual Discount Coupon.

COVID: Quebec in the air is deconfining

With the latest announcements made by the government, we can see better days for our air travel in Quebec.

Some destinations open the doors of their restaurants, others offer you a courtesy vehicle to visit the surroundings or allow you to go camping under the wing of your plane. Where to go ?

Visit the directory that our collaborator Jean-Pierre Bonin has put together and makes available to you to choose your next destination.


Note that Jean-Pierre will welcome any addition to this list.

Good flight !

A virtual documentation center for ultralight pilots

You are an ultralight pilot and a member of Aviateurs.Québec, we have a special section for you in our documentation center.

Claude Roy, PPUL, generously gave us his collection of notes that he uses during training for ultralight pilots. It talks about buying an ultralight, maintenance tips, checklists and more. Our collection is enriched week by week, thanks to Claude.

Take a tour and leave us your comments .

Here is a link to this collection of documents: Ultralight section

Your virtual library

Here are links that will take you to the latest editions of some publications.

Click on the title of the publication to view and download it:

Aviator Photo Contest. Quebec 2021

Congratulations to Marc-André Roy, winner of the April round of the Aviateurs.Québec photo contest! Marc-André earns himself a cap or a polo shirt.

The 2021 competition continues!

Now is the time to vote for the May 2021 round

You have until 10 p.m. on Monday June 14, 2021 to vote by clicking on the photo (or photos) of your choice at the following link: May 2021 photo competition

The winner will receive one of the following prizes, cap or polo shirt

C’est aussi le moment de soumettre une photo ou deux photos pour la ronde de juin 2021 ! Nous acceptons actuellement les photos (reliées à l'aviation, lire les règlements) pour la ronde du mois de mars. Nous n’avons actuellement aucune photo en banque.

Envoyez vos photos à photos@aviateurs.quebec avant le 31 mai à 22 heures. 

La structure de prix

Grand gagnant annuel : certificat cadeau 75 $ plus trophée
2e et 3e annuels : certificat cadeau 25 $ plus trophée
Gagnants mensuels : Casquette ou Polo

Afin de permettre à tous et toutes d’avoir la chance de gagner pendant l’année, une même personne ne peut être déclarée gagnante du mois plus de quatre (4) fois dans l’année.

Les photos gagnantes de chaque mois plus les photos ayant eu le plus de votes durant l'année, jusqu'à un total de 20, seront finalistes.

Pour qu’une ronde mensuelle soit tenue, il faut avoir reçu au moins cinq photos, provenant d’au moins trois photographes différents. Sinon, les photos reçues sont inscrites dans la ronde du mois suivant. 

Les règlements complets du concours peuvent être consultés ICI

Notre vente se continue. On réduit nos prix de 15 %.
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