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Summer is just around the corner and Gilbert is ready for the season ahead. In the last few weeks we have had many opportunities to meet with our customers. The team is looking forward to another great season.


--------------- PLANNING THE FUTURE

En route toward the intelligent planer

Gilbert’s Engineering team is presently working on making their planer more and more intelligent. Over the past years, they have been continually upgrading the planer ensuring premium performance for its customers.

Coming soon! Many additional options will become available, offering a semi-automatic machine that can auto adjust, without operator intervention.

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--------------- WHAT'S NEW

Recent Start-Ups

With the present market being as strong as it is, Gilbert continues to have the wind in its sails. Over the past year, Gilbert has installed a new Planer every 3 to 4 weeks. With its 5 models of planers, Gilbert has the right machine for every mill.

Here are some pictures of the most recent installation in May 2022 at Morgan Lumber in Red Oak, Virginia, USA. Morgan Lumber opted for the big Gilbert High Speed 4000 FPM Planer and High Speed Splitting Module.  We thank John Morgan, Kerry Nelson and their team for their trust, and look forward to a Nascar performing start-up!


--------------- DEALER INFO

British Columbia COFI Convention

In April, Gilbert was delighted to participate in the annual COFI Convention in Vancouver, British Columbia. Over 800 participants attended the event, making it very successful. Gilbert’s western Canadian sales partners, Murray Latta Progressive Machine inc., proudly handled the exhibitor booth displaying Gilbert’s Line of Planers.

Special thanks to their devoted team!


--------------- MEET GILBERT’S TEAM

Where to meet next?

The team is already planning to be present at the next major conventions and shows.

Will we see you there?


--------------- TECHNOLOGY

Safety, a Priority!

In order to always offer its customers the best planing solutions, Gilbert has been continually developing a range of automatic upgrades designed to increase planer efficiency and to constantly ensure that the planer room is a SAFE environment.


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