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Dear Friends,

Welcome to Canadian Yearly Meeting's third monthly electronic newsletter. Thanks to everyone who has been helping other Friends connect - we are happy to now have over 200 Friends subscribed. You can help us reach more Friends in Canada by forwarding this message (so that other friends can subscribe at the link below) to individuals and/or your Monthly Meeting or Worship Group's email list, and by announcing this newsletter after worship and in upcoming Meetings for Worship with an Attention to Business. Your help in connecting Friends across the country is deeply appreciated!

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Watch what you missed at CYM2020

It was a joy to see so many Friends online for CYM2020! Scottish Friend Alastair McIntosh's talk "Quaker Leadings and our Calling in These Times" was recorded, along with sessions on reconciliation, defunding criminal justice, and the future sustainability of CYM. For now, the recordings can be found as links in the longer schedule descriptions

During the next few weeks, we will be moving these recordings to our CYM Vimeo account, and links will be posted on as a front page post and on our Audio and Video resources page.

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Does your Meeting have a plan for outreach this fall? Do you?

During the pandemic, seekers continue to search out Friends online. Indeed, the pandemic may be causing people to spend more time contemplating their spiritual life. How are you led to let your life speak and reach out to others who may be seeking more information about Friends' ways? International Peace Day (September 21st) and World Quaker Day (this year, October 4th) may provide opportunities to invite friends, neighbours, and other seekers who find your Meeting via the internet into spiritual fellowship. This year's World Quaker Day theme is "What does it mean to be a Quaker today?"

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Feedback sought by CYM Change and Sustainable Transformation Working Group (CAST)

At CYM2020, CAST presented a working proposal to restructure CYM in Session to add a "CYM day" to regional gatherings (e.g. Western Half-Yearly Meeting) instead of gathering as CYM in Session for a week each August. The session was recorded and the proposal document presented has been provided to Monthly Meeting contacts. Feedback is requested from Meetings and individual Friends and can be emailed to CAST Clerk Celia Cheatley at

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Canadian Yearly Meeting's Continuing Meeting of Ministry and Counsel State of Society report is now available

In 2019 Canadian Friends celebrated a deepening sense of spiritual connectedness with the Divine and with one another through our meetings for worship. While most local meetings revelled in a gathered and restorative silence, meaningful ministry often punctuated the peace...

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Recaps and reminders

  • We are endeavouring to keep this list of online and in-person Meetings during the pandemic up to date. Please send any updates to
  • The 2019 Sunderland P. Gardner pamphlet "African Refugee Journeys: Listen, Love, Learn, and Act" by Etienne Paul Mungombe was published earlier this summer and is available online.
  • CYM continues to need your financial support during the pandemic. Especially if you attended CYM2020, or even just enjoy the recorded sessions, please remember to donate what you can.
  • Please forward this email to other Friends who have not yet subscribed. They can sign up to receive future emails directly at
  • Friends ages 13-35 are invited to subscribe to the Canadian Young Friends Yearly Meeting email list via This email list is used to share info about online CYFYM worship and worship sharing, as well other Young Friend and Young Adult Friend concerns.
  • Friends in Canada who use Facebook may wish to connect with the Canadian Quaker (CYM) Facebook group.
A group of colourfully-dressed Quakers sit in two rows in a bright, white room.