March 18th, 2019

Theme - Trains
Early science activities, games, a new rhyme, circle time ideas, and simple crafts are just a few of the train-themed suggestions in this theme.

Educatall Club
Educa-chat, word flashcards, activity sheets, a picture clue story, coloring pages, and so much more to help you stay on track for learning fun!

Paper name trains
Foster letter recognition and help children learn how to write their name.

Family photo quilt
Grab your glue sticks and family photos!

My mosaic
A craft that recycles popped balloons.

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Stick and remove

Simple sticker activities for younger children.

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Farm animals

The perfect prelude to a trip to your local Easter farm.

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Invisible salt
Solve the disappearing salt mystery with your group.

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The black box
Call upon children’s senses with this basic experiment.

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Shiny gel paint
A different way to add a touch of glitter to children’s artwork.

Maple-flavoured milkshake
An oh-so-sweet seasonal treat.

Jell-O modeling (and cookie) dough
Great for creating pastel-colored Easter shapes.

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Big tools for little kids

Why not introduce children to dictionaries?


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Create a simple lacing activity

Use kitchen staples to entertain children of all ages.

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The magic of maple trees

Sugar shack season is ideal for exploring these very special trees.

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