AVIATEUR EXPRESS # 820 - April 8, 2020 (special COVID-19)


  • Measures taken by the government of Quebec
  • It's also time to brush up on your skills
  • You picked  it in your bag of chances?
  • Dedicated sites for general aviation and aviation safety
  • The virtual flight
  • Weather websites
  • Currency training update
  • Your virtual library

In order to help you get through this crisis we are currently experiencing, here is a special edition of our newsletter to provide you with sources of information dedicated to general aviation and aviation safety.

We hope that these links will not only give you a means of informing you about aviation, but above all provide you with tools to better educate you about aviation safety.

We do not pretend to know all the sites that can talk about either general aviation or aviation safety. There are certainly others that we have not mentioned, especially with regard to Francophone resources. Do not hesitate to share your experiences with us on other sites.

Measures taken by the government of Quebec

Controlling movements to certain regions and distant territories

As part of the fight against COVID-19, the Government of Quebec has taken a series of measures in the form of ministerial orders. Some of these orders cover interregional travel and travel to remote regions.

Whether by car, motorcycle, plane, the rule is simple:  Avoid traveling from one region to another or from one city to another.

As of the publication of this newsletter, here is the list of these regions:


  • Abitibi-Témiscamingue
  • North Coast;
  • Nord-du-Québec;
  • Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean;
  • Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine;
  • Nunavik;
  • Terres-Cries-de-la-Baie-James;
  • Outaouais;
  • regional county municipalities of Autray, Joliette, Matawinie and Montcalm for the Lanaudière region;
  • regional county municipalities of Antoine-Labelle, Argenteuil, Les-Pays-d'en-Haut and Les Laurentides for the Laurentides region;
  • agglomeration of La Tuque for the Mauricie and Center-du-Québec regions;
  • regional county municipalities of Charlevoix and Charlevoix-Est, for the Capitale-Nationale region;
  • Rouyn-Noranda;
  • regional county municipalities of Bellechasse, L'Islet and Montmagny for the Chaudière-Appalaches health region.

For road trips, the police will limit entry and exit from these regions and will only authorize essential travel. In order to validate the suitability of a person's movements, the police may ask them to provide certain supporting documents, in particular proof of residence, a driver's license or a document provided by an employer. Of course, the police will still be able to use their discretion to make a decision.

It will be understood that this kind of control cannot be implemented at the various aerodrome airports in Quebec. So it is the solidarity of Quebec pilots to follow these instructions and thus in our own way, contribute to saving lives.

Aviateurs.Québec, therefore recommends that you help our governments and those we love by reminding you that activities related to general aviation such as pleasure flights, training and maintenance are not considered to be activities essential. 

It's also time to brush up on your skills.

Have you thought about evaluating yourself as to your knowledge as a pilot? Why not dive in and redo a PSTAR?

Here are some links that provide you with PSTAR similis online:




You picked it in your bag of chances?

Who has not picked up their bag of chances?

In our aviator journeys, it is a safe bet that we have all had at one time or another this instant when, as we say at home: '' M ..., it was close! This is where we went in our bag of chances and where we got the right number. 

Come share with us this moment that you experienced? How did you end up in this situation? How did you do? What lessons have you learned?

Write to us about your experience via email sécurité@aviateurs.quebec .

We will make a draw among the received shipments. The winner will receive a free one-year subscription (or a one-year renewal), all accompanied by an Aviator.Québec cap.

There are also sites dedicated to general aviation and aviation safety

It is easy these days with the help of the internet to embark on a virtual journey on sites dedicated to aviation. Here are a few :

This first site that we recommend is one of the few sites in French that deals with aviation safety and as a bonus, it is a Canadian site. It is developed by CASARA and recognized by Transport Canada for the purpose of updating knowledge (under certain conditions). 

Knowledgeable Pilot

Other sites to visit:

AOPA / Air Safety Institute

Pilot Worshop

Bold method

Flight Chops



There are also a multitude of You Tube channels or Facebook pages. You just have to go to Google and the search engine will bring you out a whole list. Here are our favorites:


RVA Camping Casey 2020

Quebec Wings

The Wings of Quebec


The virtual flight

Here is a great way to hone your skills with IFR flying, using checklists, emergency procedures, using radio and / or navigation equipment like GPS or even. Increasingly popular, flight simulation programs have become real learning and training tools for pilots.

Software like X-Plane , Prepar3D or Flight Simulator X can transform your desktop or laptop computer at a lower cost into a simulation platform. Of course, there are also endless possibilities where you can use such software. We are preparing a column which will be dedicated to this subject for a future publication.

If you have a flight simulator, we invite you to join a group of Quebec enthusiasts who share their experiences and know-how. It's a group on Facebook  Quebec flight simulator

However, not everyone has the computer and equipment to use a flight simulator at home. There are however alternatives to polish your skills. These are procedure simulators on PC or tablet, where you can practice the use of a VOR, DMI, ADF or GPS. Here are some links to visit:



For a Garmin 430/530 GPS simulator  

Weather websites

You are passionate about weather. Some interesting sites to consult:

Environment Canada

Nav Canada




Currency training update

Aviators.Québec has obtained authorization from Transport Canada to offer currency via the Internet. We are finalizing the details and will advise you of the availability for such training.


Here are links that will take you to the latest editions of some publications.

Click on the title of the publication to view and download it:


Our Facebook page is intended to be informative on general aviation subjects and in particular on what could be of interest to our members and those who are waiting to become so.

It is also the place where Jean-Pierre Bonin, our faithful collaborator, deposits the photos submitted as part of the Photo Contest.

We invite you to come and visit it and why not register for it.



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