President's Message

As 2022 comes to an end, I look back over the events of the year with much glad tidings over the accomplishments of the OLBA membership and their clubs.

With the support of Steve Schuknecht and his band of volunteers we successfully held District Championships, Provincial Championships, National Championships. At the club level recruitment drives were initiated that have not been equalled in recent memory, and we have seen the restrictions of COVIID lifted at the club level to provide coaching, and lots of jitney events which form the backbone of the activities for the enjoyment of our membership.

In addition most OLBA clubs participated in the raising of much needed funds in support of their local charities.

As we look forward to 2023, the OLBA will embark on the implementation of the replacement of our long standing data base management system with a new cloud based Sports Association Management (SAM) product by subscription to Ricon. This data base system will provide all clubs with real time access to their membership and tournament data not previously available within the confines of the existing system.

The OLBA Board has appointed Rob Galipeau, Executive Director and Project Manager, to oversee the implementation of “SAM” over the coming months which will go live at the beginning of the upcoming bowling season.

As is the case in the coming year our biggest challenge will continue to be the recruitment and retention of membership. As we finalize the budget for 2023 you will notice that in the coming year there will be renewed emphasis on coach and umpire development opportunities at both the club and provincial levels.

You also should be aware that through the huge effort of Ralph Ellis, Vice President and Grants Director and those volunteers at the club level who have worked the grant application process in 2022 it was possible to raise over $1,800,000 through the various government support programs offered by Trillium, New Horizons and the Ontario Amateur Sport Fund. Not all clubs were successful in their applications and many clubs did not make an application for support this year.


I would ask that in 2023, all clubs review their equipment needs, club facility requirements, and membership support programs to identify how these programs can be utilised in support of your clubs membership needs.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank your Board of Directors for the amazing effort they have contributed into making lawn bowling the great sport option that it is and look forward to 2023 with much enthusiasm as we continue to grow.

Sincerely on behalf of the Board, thanx.

Phillip Francis

President OLBA.



2022 World Youth Championships

Ontario’s own Owen Kirby and PEI’s Amy Spence have finished up their campaign at the 2022 World Youth Championships in County Antrim Indoor Bowls Club, Northern Ireland.

“The competition has come to an end for our Canadian duo. Amy and Owen both finished with their best singles games of the tournament despite losses to Hong Kong China and Scotland respectively. We are extremely proud of the fine ambassadorship and ever developing talent witnessed this week. Look out, these are two young bowlers to watch." - Coach Tammy



$398,000 from Trillium Capital Grants brings OLBA clubs to over $1.8 million dollars in total grants for its member clubs. In perspective, OLBA clubs now take in over twice as much money in grants as they do in membership fees.

This money changes our clubs forever and speeds us along the way to recovery from the impact of Covid-19. We want to thank all clubs who applied for grants. Some grants you get and some you are turned down for. The key is to keep on applying for everything year after year.

We are not done for this year. Please take a minute to apply for

1) The Canada Summer Jobs Program - for all clubs

2) The Hydro One Community Grant - for incorporated clubs

Contact for more information on these two grants.


Board of Directors Annoucement

The Board of Directors of the Ontario Lawn Bowls Association (OLBA) has voted to approve the following changes to their Board effective immediately.

The Board has accepted the resignation of Blaine Phillips. I wish Blaine all the best in the future, and sincerely thank him for his contributions to the sport of Lawn Bowls in Ontario.

The Board also passed the motion to appoint Steve McKerihen as their newest Board member. Steve will chair the LTAD Committee which will also include the Coaching portfolio.

Steve brings to us a lifetime of bowls experience. I have no doubt Steve and the team he assembles will raise the bar in Lawn Bowls training, coaching, and ultimately Ontario’s performance both nationally and in time, internationally.

I look forward to future announcements for the coaches and players of Ontario Lawns Bowls as we get closer to the 2023 season. Please join me in welcoming Steve to the team.

Any inquiries regarding this announcement can be forwarded to or

Robert Galipeau

Executive Director

Ontario Lawn Bowls Associatio



Are the District Champion pennants at your club water damaged, sun bleached, ripped, or just plain lost? For one time only, for $12 each, the OLBA is offering replacements. To request replacements, simply fill out this form.

Due Date is January 10th, 2023.