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Kamloops, BC - April 16, 2020 - Mountain bluet (Centaurea montana) is currently being sold by local retailers in the Thompson-Nicola region. The Thompson-Nicola Invasive Plant Management Committee would like retailers and gardening enthusiasts to be PlantWise and choose to grow, sell, purchase, plant and trade non-invasive plants. A full list of non-invasive alternatives to popular ornamental plants it available at

Mountain bluet was a popular ornamental plant among gardeners. Mountain bluet can range from 30-80 cm in height and produces bright blue, large knapweed-like flowers between April and June. Unfortunately, once planted, this species can easily spread into natural ecosystems. The plant can quickly colonize disturbed open areas, forests, and roadsides. This fast growing, long-living plant is hard to manage and has adapted to grow in a wide range of conditions.

In BC, many of our worst invasive species are escaped ornamentals. For example, just six species of invasive plants were estimated to cost British Columbia $65 million in economic losses in 2008, increasing to a projected $129 million by 2020. Prevention is British Columbia’s best and most cost effective tool for invasive species management so please choose to plant non-invasive plants in your gardens.

For more information on mountain bluet or other invasive plants, contact Catherine Tarasoff, Invasive Plant Education and Outreach Coordinator by phone at 250-572-2132 or email

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