Highlights of the Thompson-Nicola Regional District Board of Directors Meeting of March 30, 2023

The TNRD held its Board of Directors Meeting in the Twin Rivers Boardroom of the TNRD Civic Building in Kamloops, B.C. The meeting was held in-person and via Zoom, and a recording of the meeting was uploaded to the TNRD’s YouTube channel. You can view the recording here.

TNRD 2023-2027 Financial Plan Approved

The Board adopted 2023-2027 Financial Plan Bylaw 2811. The 2023 Budget includes an increase in operating costs compared to 2022, which is largely due to inflation and impacts to contract costs, fuel and supply costs, and general service delivery costs. The budget also includes a modest decrease in capital expenditures compared to 2022. Read the report here, and view the TNRD’s news release here.

South Thompson Valley & Pinantan OCP Amendment Bylaw 2767

The Board adopted South Thompson Valley and Pinantan Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw 2767 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2768. These bylaw amendments will enable a property in Pritchard (1585 Lance Road) to maintain residential and agricultural uses and allow for a second additional dwelling for a family member awaiting supportive housing. Read the report here.

Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2798

The Board adopted Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2798, which enables rezoning of a portion of a property in Monte Lake (3962 Highway 97) to allow reconstruction of a principal single-family dwelling lost to wildfire. Read the report here.

Loon Lake Temporary Borrowing Bylaw

The Board adopted Loon Lake Fire Hall Temporary Borrowing Bylaw 2806. The bylaw allows for temporary borrowing of up to $653,000 for construction of the Loon Lake Fire Hall, which is ongoing. Read the report here.

Board Code of Conduct Review

The Board directed staff to update the TNRD Board Code of Conduct Policy to incorporate enforcement provisions and mandatory signing into the policy. The Community Charter requires local governments to implement or review Code of Conduct policies within six months following Local Elections. Read the report here.

Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Board established a TNRD Accessibility Advisory Committee and approved the Terms of Reference for the committee. The TNRD will now be seeking participants for the committee. This committee will help the TNRD meet requirements in the Accessible British Columbia Regulation under the Accessible BC Act. Read the report here.

TNRL Summer Student Grant Funding Application

The Board supported the Thompson-Nicola Regional Library application to the Indigenous Skills Employment and Training Program for summer student positions. Read the report here.

Community Wildfire Resiliency Plans

The Board authorized a contract award to Forsite Consultants Ltd. to develop Community Wildfire Resiliency Plans (CWRPs) for each Electoral Area. CWRPs are required in order for the TNRD to receive grant funding for FireSmart activities, such as the homeowner rebate program. The contract value is $326,060 and is fully grant funded through the Community Resiliency Investment Program. Read the report here.

McLure Firehall Addition Contract

The Board authorized a contract award to West Alliance Construction Ltd. for an addition and renovation to the McLure Fire Hall. The contract value is $661,286.55 and is fully grant funded by the Canada Community Building Fund. Read the report here.

Thompson Regional Hospital District Board Highlights

The Thompson Regional Hospital District (TRHD) held its Board Meeting of March 30, 2023 in the Twin Rivers Boardroom of the TNRD Civic Building. The meeting was held in-person and via Zoom, and a recording of the meeting was uploaded to the TNRD’s YouTube channel. View the recording here.

TRHD Major Capital Projects

The Board adopted Thompson Regional Hospital District Capital Bylaw 159. This bylaw will enable the TRHD to contribute 40% of costs for major capital projects in 2023 at healthcare facilities within the TRHD boundaries. Read the report here.

Hospital District 2023-2027 Financial Plan Approved

The Board adopted TRHD 2023-2027 Financial Plan Bylaw 160. The 2023 TRHD budget has a tax requisition of $16.39 million, which is a 1.5% increase from 2022. The Board previously approved a taxation strategy to adjust the TRHD budget annually by 1.5% in order to create reserve funds for the next phase of the Royal Inland Hospital development. Read the report here, and read the TRHD news release here.


The Board heard the following verbal presentations from staff with the Interior Health Authority:

  • RIH Operating Room Expansion: Dianne Kostachuk, Director of Business Operations
  • Updates on RIH: Tracey Rannie, RIH Executive Director
  • Regional Healthcare Facility Updates: Kathy Doull, Executive Director of Clinical Operations – Rural Acute and Community

The next TNRD Board Meeting is on April 20, 2023, at 1:30 pm, and the next TRHD Board Meeting is on November 9, 2023 at 10 am.

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