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A message Bill Miller, ISPO Canada President!

Dear ISPO Canada Members,

As we head into the holiday season it gives one pause to reflect on what has been accomplished over the past year with respect to the ISPO environment. On the International side, ISPO central has been hard at work on a number of initiatives which included a soft launch of their new website. Among other new and improved features the ISPOLearn tab contains a members only repository of courses, case studies and webinars as well as the new membership sign up/renewal portal which promises to reduce the frustrations in getting your membership! As a reminder membership renewal begins January 2023 and one of the big upside is a break on the registration costs at the 2023 World Congress in Guadalajara Mexico (https://www.ispo-congress.com/en/). Read on to discover how to get free World Congress registration!

ISPO Canada has also had a big year. We spent much of the year implementing the strategic plan that was presented at the 2021 AGM and in particular related to the Collaboration theme we were busy participating in OPC Whistler this past August as well as welcoming our newer community partner the Amputee Coalition of Canada and supporting their cross Canada needs survey. ISPO Canada Past-President Rajiv Kalsi has been very busy as the Canada representative on the Local Organization Committee planning the 19th World Congress. Rajiv conducted a site visit in Guadalajara in October 2022 and says the venue is spectacular!! He says if you volunteer at the world congress you can receive FREE registration!! Contact Rajiv at rajivkalsi2005@gmail.com for more information. Finally, along with OAPO we once again cohosted a hugely successful day of free research and clinical education at our 2022 AGM where we welcomed new board member Adrienne Cuch, Maddy Christenson, and approved Ed Giesbrecht into the treasurer position.

In the spirit of the season….Happy Holidays everyone!



President, ISPO Canada

ISPO International Website is Live!

ISPO International has launched their new website! It features enhanced features like easy search navigation; easier and more transparent membership sign-up; several new educational initiatives. There are many resources and access to ISPO's journal, Prosthetics and Orthotics International (POI). We hope you like the new structure of the website! Click below to visit.

ISPO International

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Q2 Research & Education Spotlight

In each newsletter we would like to highlight current research in the P&O field. As ISPO members, we support quality articles and research on the medical, clinical, rehabilitation, technical, educational and research aspects of prosthetics, orthotics and rehabilitation engineering.

In this issue, we interviewed Jan Andrysek, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Institute of Biomaterial and Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto, Senior Scientist at the Bloorview Research Institute and Lead of the PROPEL Lab, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. 

Article: Understanding the adoption of digital workflows in orthotic and prosthetic practice from practitioner perspective: a qualitative descriptive study. 

Key Takeaways

  • Digital technology is becoming more prevalent in the P&O field, however there are still challenges to fully implementing the technology into clinical practice
  • Three key themes of challenges: technological advancement and scientific evidence; marketplace, economic, and operational factors; mindset shift of embracing digital technology practice
  • Goals of the study were to gain a more in-depth understanding of these challenges from the perspective of practicing professionals and bring awareness to some of the gaps in the technology and its implementation

This research team is most excited about their work being focused on biofeedback and gait training systems, specifically on developing wearable technology to help with the rehabilitation process. The team has been actively sharing their research at conference presenations, journal publications and media to make it accessible to other professions. They are focused on disseminating their knowledge and information with others in the P&O field.

 Click below to read more about the article and their upcoming research! 

Learn more here!

Invitation to participate in research!

ISPO Canada is proud to support the research project titled “Barriers and facilitators to community accessibility in people with lower limb loss”. The research team is recruiting people with lower limb loss to participate in an online survey. Their goal is to identify how the physical environment, both the natural and built environment, impact accessibility for people with lower limb loss.

The study involves the completion of an online survey. The survey should take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. You will participate anonymously. It can be completed anywhere you have access to the Internet. By completing the survey, you are consenting to participate in the study.

For more information about the research team, topic, inclusion criteria, and how to participate in the survey, click the link below!


Participate here!

International ISPO Webinars

ISPO Mexico, along with US ISPO and ISPO Canada, is hosting a free monthly webinar series, leading up to the ISPO World Congress. To listen to some of the past webinars, click herePlease note that soon the webinars will be available to ISPO members only, so be sure to become a member to access these informative webinars. 

There will be no webinar in December, but check our website soon for information about webinars in 2023 leading up to the World Congress. 

ISPO & OAPO Education Day

The ISPO Canada/OAPO Education Day and AGM was held virtually on Saturday, October 22nd, 2022.

We had 90 attendees for the education event. The morning started with the Ontario Association for Prosthetics and Orthotics (OAPO) AGM followed by a presentation by Ottobock representative Josée Mathieu,C.O. (c). Josée presented a very interesting talk about the C-brace 2.0.

Next was a presentation by ISPO Canada student board member and orthotic resident Jenna Chow. Jenna presented her research project on the implementation of a pedometer in an AFO. It was a well-researched presentation and generated much discussion.

The clinical sessions started with Dr. Diana Zidarov, a research scientist at the Institut universitaire sur la réadaptation en déficience physique de Montréal and an adjunct professor at the School of Rehabilitation of the University of Montreal. Dr. Zidarov’s presentation was titled “Systematic clinical assessment and use of outcomes in prosthetic care: Challenges and opportunities.” Her presentation was pertinent to clinicians wishing to learn more about outcome measures and their use in our profession.

Dr. Zidarov’s presentation was followed by clinical presenters Dan Blocka, C.O.(c), Thomas Burton (MASc Candidate) and Dr. Amanda Mayo, FRCPC, an amputee rehabilitation physiatrist and affiliate scientist at Sunnybrook Sciences Health Centre. Dan and Thomas’ presentation looked at their on-going work to Implement and incorporate digital workflow and additive manufacturing processes in an orthotic practice, while Dr. Mayo’s presentation focused on provider and patient perspectives on digital workflow and 3D printing of prostheses. These presentations complemented each other and gave attendees insights into the world of 3D printing and its application to the orthotic and prosthetic field.

Elham Esfandiari obtained a PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences from University of British Columbia and an MSc and BSc in Prosthetics and Orthotics. Her presentation, “Partnering with peers to improve outcomes in lower limb loss care,” focused on the development of an online self-management program with support of a peer mentor for people with lower limb loss. The presentation included insightful patient perspectives on the importance of peer support for individuals coping with limb loss.

Finally, Dr. Silvia Raschke, an applied researcher with the British Columbia Institute of Technology MAKE+ group presented her talk, “Creating a sustainable future for prosthetics and orthotics: Balancing aspirations and realities.” Her research focused on the changing environment in the provision of prosthetic, orthotic and assistive devices and ways that practitioners can continue to provide patient
centred care into the future.

The day, although long, was a showcase of the exceptional researchers, clinicians and technicians working in this country to improve the lives of people in need of prosthetic, orthotic and mobility devices. We would like to thank our gold sponsor Ottobock for their continued support of this event, as well as bronze sponsors Vittoria Phoenix and Myrdal Orthopedic Technologies (MOT). The organizing team at OAPO and ISPO Canada deserve mention, as well as Rita Gupta of Facilitation First, who helped run the on-line event.

To access the educational videos, click the link below!

Educational Videos Here!

ISPO 19th World Congress!

The ISPO 19th World Congress, taking place from April 24-27 2023 in Guadalajara, Mexico, is being organized collaboratively by ISPO Mexico, U.S. ISPO and ISPO Canada. The event will offer attendees a high-quality scientific programme presented by renowned international speakers. At the same time, companies from all continents will present their latest products and innovations in the international exhibition.

The World Congress theme The Art and the Science brings together two important aspects of prosthetic, orthotic and mobility care. The Art can refer to elite craftsmanship and clinical experience that is applied when providing appropriate services for assistive technology consumers. Art can also relate to the personalisation and artistic aspects of device design that incorporates the user’s personality and feelings, moving an assistive device beyond just a piece of technology. The Science incorporates innovation, evidence, and knowledge translation across the spectrum of prosthetic, orthotic and mobility services to enable end-users to receive appropriate services at the right time, the right place, and the right cost.

Join colleagues from around the world working to provide high quality services to users of prosthetic, orthotic and mobility devices! 

Details of the keynote speakers are now available. Click here to learn about te speakers and the topics that will be dicussed! 

Early registration is open now until February 28th, 2023. Register here!

ISPO Members: $709 USD

Non Member: $919.00 USD

Closing Gala: $60.00 USD

Event details here!

Member profile highlight! 

In each newsletter we would like to highlight long standing ISPO members. In this edition, we would like to highlight Christopher Kraft!

Meet Chris and hear his ISPO memories!

Chris is a Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist in Ottawa. He first entered the profession as a technician and worked as a registered orthotic and prosthetic technician for 2 years before pursuing his orthotic and prosthetic certifications. 

Chris recalls his experience with ISPO: "Involvement in ISPO gives me the opportunity to view our field from a more global perspective. It provides access to courses, congresses, webinars and research to understand issues in the field from different healtchare practitioners' points of view." Additionally, ISPO helps to increase the quality of services in developing countries through standardizing education, and gives individuals an international platform to share their ideas and mesages

For over 30 years, Chris has been a member of the Rotary International, whose mission is to eradicate polio. He is involved with mentoring Alonquin college students and providing internship opportunities for Carleton University. Some recent projects include the development of a 3D-printed helmet and an insole lining with sensors. 

Outside of his professional life, Chris enjoys travelling, meeting new people, and participating in a wide range of physical activities.

His best advice to new graduates is: "Aspire to be a lifelong learner, stay open to learning from every situation and from everyone you encounter. Recognize the importance of giving back to the P&O profession in whatever way you can based on your skills and talents."

To read more about Chris' story, click below!

More on Christopher!

Student member highlight!

Meet Nicole Bianchi!

Nicole is currently a first-year student of the Clinical Methods in Orthotics/Prosthetics program at George Brown College (GBC). Prior to the clinical program, she also completed the Orthotic/Prosthetic Technician program at GBC in 2021. She graduated from the University of Toronto in 2016 with her a Bachelor of Kinesiology and from Sheffield Hallam University in 2017 with a Master of Science in Sports Engineering. Nicole was drawn to the field by the innovation and technology involved in the design and fabrication of activity-specific devices.

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