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Issue 15

February 2021

Integrity Commissioner Re-Appointed

On November 30, 2020, members of provincial parliament voted unanimously in favour of the Honourable J. David Wake’s re-appointment as Integrity Commissioner of Ontario. Under the Lobbyists Registration Act, 1998, the province’s Integrity Commissioner also holds the role of Lobbyists Registrar.

“It is a great honour to be appointed for a second term,” said Commissioner Wake. “I look forward to continuing the important work of the Office’s mandates, including overseeing the Lobbyists Registry which is an important component of transparency and accountability for the Ontario government.”

Commissioner Wake’s second five-year term began on February 1.


A great deal has changed in our world in the past year, which makes it very likely that your lobbying activity has also changed. But when you submit a registration renewal that’s identical to your previous submission, registry staff check carefully to make sure that the information remains current. Lobbyists will be contacted where the information appears to be have been re-submitted without careful review.

We often see renewals submitted and published to the registry, only to have them updated the next day. This duplicates effort for you and for registry staff. Please help us make the renewal process a single step: review and update the content before you submit.

To ensure your renewal moves efficiently through the system, it’s important to always check the following:

  • The current status of any bills noted in the registration. If the bill has become law, then the lobbying activity likely needs to be updated and/or moved to another section.
  • Have you achieved your lobbying goals? What lobbying initiatives on behalf of your client, organization or business do you hope to achieve next?
  • For consultants, have you already coordinated the introductory meetings on behalf of your client? This should be indicated in the lobbying activity section of your registration.
  • Do the selected subject matters match the lobbying activity?
  • Ensure government funding has been updated with current figures from the government’s previous fiscal year.
  • For consultants who are lobbying on behalf of a designated broader public sector organization, have you provided a new attestation form, signed by your client, to confirm that you are not being paid with public funds?
  • For organizations and businesses, does the registration properly reflect the current and former paid lobbyists?
  • For organizations, have you updated the list of officers/board of directors on the registration?

Don't forget to use the available resources on how to describe lobbying activity and the registration checklists to ensure your renewal goes smoothly.




Want more information about the 50-hour threshold?

See the following Interpretation Bulletins:


Bulletin #3A: Does my business have to register?

Bulletin #3B: Does my not-for-profit organization have to register?


If you need specific advice, contact us for an Advisory Opinion.


Having trouble with registration questions that have the "Add Information" button?

After you have added the information required, scroll to the right of your screen and click “Add” to save the information.

Or, if it turns out that the question is not applicable to your organization or your client, scroll to the right of your screen and click on “Cancel”.

Want more resources? Go to www.oico.on.ca/home/lobbyists-registration

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