Together, we can keep working through this safely.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nova Scotians have been following public health protocols to keep each other safe. As the number of cases across the rest of the country and around the world rises, we must continue to do what we know works: maintain social distance, wear masks, wash our hands frequently with soap and water, sanitize surfaces, and stay home when we’re feeling sick. On our website, you’ll find lots of resources for your workplace to serve as helpful reminders that we cannot become complacent. Learn about best practices for your industry, share our new videos and radio ads, order or download posters, and access other free materials to show your appreciation for all those who are working safely together through the pandemic.

Fall Prevention Month

Take a look around. What hazards do you see that could result in a slip, trip or fall injury? In Nova Scotia, they are among the most common workplace injuries, but the good news is they are often easily preventable. November is Fall Prevention Month, and a great time to check out resources like our OH&S Risk Mapping tool, top tips, a discussion guide for your workplace, and much more.

Safety Matters Blog

Engaging everyone to create a workplace safety culture

Focus, dedication and collaboration are key components to making safety an integral part of workplace culture. Autoport Limited have demonstrated these and were recently recognized through WCB Nova Scotia’s Workplace Recognition Program as a leader and champion that is committed to preventing workplace injuries and to promoting an early and safe return to the workplace.

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Helping young workers work safely through COVID-19

For many young workers, part-time and summer jobs looked different this year. In addition to learning job responsibilities and how to work safely, they also had to learn how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while on the job. WCB Nova Scotia and the Department of Labour and Advanced Education recently partnered with a Walmart and a Superstore in HRM to help educate young workers on occupational health and safety in their workplaces.

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WCB Online Support

WCB Online Support

If you’re taking advantage of our online services, you already know it’s the fastest, easiest way to do business with us. And whether you’re a worker, employer or service provider, the WCB Online Support site can help make your experience even better. Visit at any time to find helpful tips, step-by-step instructions and the latest updates on improvements we’re making to our systems.