A modern parking structure for a transit-oriented, accessible, tree-covered site

A leisurely stroll with picturesque views across Dow’s Lake. A quiet cup of coffee in a sunny pavilion before an appointment. A moment of contemplation in a healing garden. A convenient, safe place to park your bike or your car on the way to the hospital.

The parking structure at The Ottawa Hospital’s new campus will provide all of these experiences for people coming to the site.

In addition to providing enough parking for thousands of patients, families and health-care workers, the structure provides a direct, enclosed and accessible link between the nearby LRT station and the main hospital building.

And, it will include a large public park with areas for recreation, rest and contemplation.

How will people get to the new campus?

Thousands of people will come to the new hospital every day for care, to visit their loved ones, and to work or learn. This means that ensuring that the entire new campus site is accessible needs to be a core part of the planning process.

Fast facts: Travel distances from the Dow’s Lake LRT station to the hospital

The design team considers a wide range of factors while creating the site plan, including factors like the fixed location of the LRT line. They’ve created easy-to-follow pedestrian routes along the shortest possible walking distances between the transit line, the parking garage, and the main hospital.

Creating a naturalized landscape

TOH is committed to planting five trees for every tree that needs to be removed during construction of the hospital and parking garage. The landscape will be a climate positive design through tree preservation, new shelter belts, green infrastructure and pollinator gardens

The rooftop park will be planted with thickets of trees and other vegetation. The tree species that are being considered, like birch, have been selected because they are native or adapted to the area and well suited to the environment. Larger trees will be planted along the scalloped edges of the garage at the ground level throughout the site.