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There are no significant visuals. White text on dark blue background reads: Health data for all of us. Sharing ideas and priorities. April 25, Winnipeg. A picture of a white woman with shoulder length hair and a blue top, is at right. Text reads: Rachel Plachcinski, keynote speaker. The HDRN Canada logo is at bottom left.

Health Data for All of Us: Sharing Ideas & Priorities

Only a few tickets remain for our free public forum, Health Data for All of Us: Sharing Ideas and Priorities!  This hybrid event takes place April 25 in Winnipeg and online, and features keynote speaker Rachel Plachcinski as well Dr. Kim McGrail, Julia Burt, Dr. Amy Freier and more! REGISTER HERE.

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Report: Improve data access to evaluate drug safety

HDRN Canada co-authored a report, along with CADTHCIHI and others, about the need to improve the availability of data to evaluate drug safety and effectiveness. Recommendations include expanding pan-Canadian data holdings and enhancing capacity for data linkage. LEARN MORE.

Upcoming Events

No significant visuals. Text on light green background reads: Gardener's Grove Conference 2023. Cultivating large pragmatic trials to improve hemodialysis care. Gardener's Grove 2023 logo top centre.

Gardener's Grove Conference | MAR 27-30 | 10:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. ET

This virtual conference will explore pragmatic large-scale randomized controlled trials, featuring a presentation by Taylor McLiden, Manager of the HDRN Canada Pragmatic Trials Training Program.


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Data Collection Tools: How to Develop a Survey MAR 30 | 12:00 p.m. NT

Dr. Holly Etchegary will discuss the nine steps in survey design, as well as assessing validity, choosing response scales, and common problems in this FREE webinar hosted by NL Support.


Image of a woman with short dark hair wearing a white shirt, against a green and blue background. White text reads: MSSU USSM. Data services at Health Data Nova Scotia. Lunch & Learn

Data Services at Health Data Nova Scotia | APR 27 | 12:00 p.m. AT

Learn about the data services available at Health Data Nova Scotia (HDNS) in this FREE webinar, including what data are available at HDNS, how to submit a data access request, and what happens after a data request is approved.


No significant visuals. Way Forward. Advancing Health Equity Through Data. ICES logo in top left.

Advancing Health Equity Through Data | MAY 11 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. ET

The 2023 ICES Research Forum will explore the role of data in driving a more equitable healthcare system with  keynote speaker Dr. Kate Mulligan, senior director of the Canadian Institute for Social Prescribing and a leading thinker on health equity.


News from Across the Network

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Manitoba to collect race-based data in hospitals

Manitoba will ask patients to self-declare their racial or ethnic background as part of the hospital admission process to better understand disparities in health outcomes. HDRN Canada member George and Fay Yee Centre for Healthcare Innovation will provide evaluation and training support. LEARN MORE.

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Internet-based platform for managing chronic diseases

A new study to evaluate the Internet-based Chronic Disease Management (iCDM) project, which targets patients with multiple high impact chronic diseases through the Internet with telephone supports, will use researcher-collected data and four data sets from the BC Ministry of Health linked by Population Data BCLEARN MORE.

Image via @Hotiitseeda. Image of group of 7 people smiling in front of Hotii ts'eeda banner.

Hotıı̀ ts’eeda to receive $24 million investment

Canada and the Northwest Territories will invest nearly $24million to support Hotıı̀ ts’eeda in its ongoing patient-oriented research. Hotıı̀ ts’eeda is one of 10 SPOR SUPPORT Units across Canada that improve patient outcomes by enabling equitable access to data for health research. LEARN MORE.

Illustrated image of pregnant woman talking to female doctor. ICES logo bottom left.

Pregnant people with schizophrenia face risk of abuse

Using data from ICES, researchers found that pregnant and postpartum people with schizophrenia have more than a three-fold increase in the risk of an emergency department visit for assault and are more likely to self-report experiencing abuse in pregnancy. Download the infographic. LEARN MORE.

Infographic titled: osteoarthritis (OA) in the maritimes. Current management and health care use. visual contains green hills, blue sky and clouds.

Osteoarthritis in the Maritimes

Researchers used linked administrative data accessed through Health Data Nova Scotia to examine self-reported characteristics of people living with and without osteoarthritis in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and to identify trends in health care use. Downlad the infographicLEARN MORE.

Graphic of briefcase on blue background. White text reads: Unemployment rate 4.1% (February 2023). Quebec logo bottom left.

Number of immigrants working in Québec hits record

Statistique Québec has released its assessment of the labour market in 2022, finding continued job growth and record number of vacancies. The number of immigrants working in Québec, as well as the share of immigrants in the workforce, hit their highest levels since 2006 when data on immigration status became available. LEARN MORE.


Infographic reads Previous reports have highlighted the health inequities between First Nations' and other Manitobans' health. Have these gaps changed over time? Compared to 20 years ago, the gap has grown: 51% wider for premature.

Closing the gap in health outcomes for First Nations

A publication from researchers at the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, including HDRN Canada Lead Charles Burchill, evaluates disparities between First Nations people and other Canadians using indicators of health and health care use over the last two decades, in an effort to close gaps in health outcomes. Download the infographic.

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Impact of medical travel on First Nations in NWT

An new publication from HDRN Canada Lead Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox and colleagues reframes prevailing understandings of the problems, politics and policy associated with medical travel in the Northwest Territories, and the importance of policy-making that engages First Nations as equal partners. READ MORE.

Health Data Job Alert!

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Artificial Intelligence for Complex Health Data CRC II

The University of Manitoba is recruiting a Canada Research Chair Tier II in the area of Artificial Intelligence for Complex Health Data, to develop an innovative research program in collaboration with the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy and others. APPLY HERE (search requisition number 25435).


Image of microphone and headphones. White text on purple background reads podcast details.

HDRN Canada's Frank Gavin on Pep Talks

HDRN Canada’s Public Advisory Council Chair Frank Gavin appeared on Pep Talks: The Patient Engagement Podcast hosted by the Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit, to talk about the barriers and facilitators in patient engagement.


Image of screenshot of webinar. Small image of speaker in corner. White text on blue background reads event details.

Introducing the NLCHI Provincial Data Lab

Learn about the Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Health Information's Provincial Data Lab, a solution with virtual environments which enable users to securely interact with data and information.