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HDRN Data Points / November 2022  

What's up @ HDRN Canada

Headshot of Dr. Nathan Nickel

DASH Profile: Dr. Sasha Bernatsky

Learn how Dr. Sasha Bernatsky and her Canadian Network for Advanced Interdisciplinary Methods team used HDRN Canada's Data Access Support Hub (DASH) to access data from multiple provinces to evaluate how reliable World Health Organization ICD-10 codes were in identifying COVID-19 cases within and across jurisdictions. Read more.

Headshot of Dr. Nathan Nickel

New DAR form reduces burden on researchers

HDRN Canada's new Data Access Request (DAR) form will help researchers more easily access administrative health data from multiple provinces via the Data Access Support Hub (DASH). The streamlined and centralized DASH DAR form is a further significant improvement to the data access process, reducing the burden of completing multiple data access request forms for each province. Read more.

Image of pink, purple and blue circles, with the outline of people's heads inside them, connected by light blue lines, as in a network, against a dark blue background. Text reads: Pan-Canadian Health Data Strategy: Toward a world-class health data system.

Pan-Canadian Health Data Strategy: Final report

CEO Kim McGrail participated in the final report of the Pan-Canadian Health Data Strategy expert advisory, which provided evidence-informed advice to the federal government for developing a world-class, person-centred health data system. The report highlights successes in health data while envisioning a culture of collaboration and stewardship that prioritizes scale and re-use. Read more.

In the Media

Image: black silhouette of square thought bubbles on a yellow background. Text reads: Matters of engagement

Why public engagement matters

CEO Kim McGrail was interviewed by Matters of Engagement, a podcast about how people in Canada access and experience health care service delivery and the impact on individual and community health. She spoke about using deliberation as an engagement tool and the importance of democratic ideals in a pan-Canadian approach. Listen here.

Events Across the Network

There are no significant visuals. NL Quality of Care logo is in the top left, on a black background. White text reads: The world is running out of antibiotics. Blue text reads: Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022.

NOVEMBER 22 | 12:00pm NST

Quality of Care NL will share research about how antibiotics are used in Newfoundland and Labrador and what the public and health care providers can do to reduce inappropriate use of antibiotics leading to antimicrobial resistance. Register here.

There are no significant visuals. The Newfoundland & Labrador SPOR Support Unit logo is in the top left, on a black background. White text reads: Enhance your research with CAIR. Orange text reads: Thursday, Nov. 24, 2022

NOVEMBER 24 | 11:00am NST

Learn how the Centre for Analytics, Informatics and Research, a high-performance computing centre with the capacity to rapidly process, analyze and store vast amounts of data, can enhance your research. Register here.

There are no significant visuals. The Population Data BC logo is in the top left, over a grey background. White text reads: What can the PHDA program do for you. Thursday, December 1

DECEMBER 1 | 11:30am PST

Free Q & A webinar explaining the benefits of PopData's Professional Specialization Certificate in Population Health Data Analysis for health and social science professionals, including details of the courses offered in January 2023. Register here.

Network Updates

There are no significant visuals. The blue ICES logo is in the top left, over a light blue background. Text reads: Mental health & addictions dashboard. October 2022 update

ICES Mental Health & Addictions Dashboard updated

The Mental Health and Addictions Dashboard October 2022 update is now available from ICES. The dashboard presents data on 10 MHA-related performance measures related to health service use and other quality dimensions for all of Ontario and across the lifespan. Questions? Contact MHAP@ices.on.caLearn more.

We're Hiring!

Image of a person with shoulder length brown hair, wearing a white lab coat, sitting at a desktop computer. The University of Manitoba logo is in the bottom left. Text reads: Recruiting. Tenure Track Canada Research Chair. Data curation & metadata

Canada Research Chair in Data Curation

The University of Manitoba is recruiting for a Tenure Track Canada Research Chair in Data Curation based at the HDRN Data Centre at the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, using the world-class administrative data housed in the MB Pop Data Repository. Learn more.

There are no significant visuals. The University of Manitoba logo is in the bottom left. Blue text on white. background reads: MCHP is recruiting. White text on dark blue reads: Data equity specialist

Data Equity Specialist

The Manitoba Centre for Health Policy is hiring a Data Equity Specialist to work with the HDRN Canada Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility Team to develop theory and methodologies to address systemic/structural biases in administrative data and the research process. Learn more.


Image is of an illustrated person in a white shirt and black pants, with short black hair and a person in a black sweater and peach pants, sitting in a wheelchair, at a desk with a desktop computer. A grey question mark is on a white background. The unité de soutien Quebec logo is in the top right. Text reads: What is a learning health system

What is a learning health system?

Discover the concept of a learning health system, along with its foundations, objectives and purpose in this short, animated video created by the Unité de soutien au système de santé apprenant (SSA) Québec. 


Image is a head shot of Brian Cho, an Asian man with short black hair and a blue collar shirt and a head shot of Julia Burt, a white woman with shoulder length brown hair and a black blouse. The Maritime SPOR Support Unit logo is in the bottom right. Text reads. Keeping up with knowledge translation (KT). Public perspectives on data: How engagement is shaping the work of Health Data Research Network Canada (HDRN Canada)

Public perspectives on data

Check out this Keeping up with KT webinar with Brian Cho, HDRN Canada Public Advisory Council member, and Julia Burt, Public Engagement Fellow for HDRN Canada, hosted by the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit.